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Monday, June 22, 2009
ohmygoshOhMyGoshOHMYGOSH !
I just want to dig a hole to jump into it and never ever come out again !
Ahhh, so embarrass luh ! Now I understand how Rebecca felt. Damn, on a day where there was a lot people and its FatherTerence hosting. AHHH ! Nevermind, I'm so relieve that FatherTerence didn't really say anything to that incident. Thanks Louis for comforting me by saying that its actually the laptop fault =) Rebecca! Next week! Like what Louis said, lets just relax =D

&&& Calvin, no use going so many mass in a week when you are not paying attention to it at all ! HAHs .

Watched 'Drag Me to Hell'. Well, somehow its the sound effect that scared the hell out of me more then the image. Hahas. That granny is .. eeek.
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