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Sunday, November 30, 2008
Whats wrong with blogger ?! ...
Can't upload my photos at all . =(
Ahhh .. When the hack is Twilight sneak preview going to come out ?!
Wait till damn long ..
Friday, November 28, 2008
I made a BIG mistake !
Its suppose to be 2 beat but throughout the whole song half of total notes I only play for 1 beat !
Ahhhla !
But lucky that's only the 连弓曲 so its only worth 10marks .
while waiting, Im quite relieve to see XuLaoShi walke in ! =)
She is having lesson for EvergreenPri pupils thats why she came up to look at us ..
then she helped us 调音 .
There was MeiTing senior there .. hahas, she really did cheer us up .. seeing us so nervous
I very scare that I will fail lar .. then MeiTing said, "Later the paper come out I help you change change the mark =x"
HAHs .. Cuz she in charge of the things there too .
Somehow Im the 1st erhu to go in .. Before me and JiaHui senior, she played YangQin .
Then Esther(ester!) second erhu .

wish me goodlucks for the result lar !
24dec .. Im looking forward =D
LOL .. my 'summary' for the camp is looong
o.o Don't know why Im in love with some of Hillsong's song .

Monday; 24Nov

HappyBelatedBirthday meimei =D

Wake up only at 12noon
Didnt go co that day ..

Tuesday; 25Nov

Co ... XuLaoShi never come !! =)))

Wednesday; 26Nov

A big fight with DaJie ..
You think I scare you ?! ZZ

Went out with ErJie&Hillary to bugis
With a dullmood ..
But it changes soon =} (My mood swing !)
Go Bugisstreet .. ErJie saw TShirt wanna buy .
1for $10 3 for $28 ..
Sooo, she want us to buy also . Hillary ok, then I no choice lor ..
Anyway also save a few cent only .. lol .
Then go BugisJunction ... Then go MarinaSquare
Met SanGu and family .
Eat dinner together ..
SaGu treated ..

Thursday; 27Nov

Co in the morning ..
Shit lar ! That F guy came out again -.-
Said those biantai things to Esther ..
Esther ! I like your reply you gave him lar ! soooo funny !
Then I keep on diao him =P

At night got Photography session for the life skills thinggi in church ..
Learnt 3 main point .. foucing , spacing , framing .


My ErHu grades examination today !!!!!!!!
Waaak ! & I still not prepare yet =x
GoodLucks to me man !!

Got to rush over to the church this afternoon .. right after my examination .
Cuz today those who chooses dancing for their lifeskills is having their session ..
sooooo, we're going to take their picture ! wahahahas .
Monday, November 24, 2008
CAMP was CRAZY && FUN ! =D

Now I totally agree with Calvin&Joan .
I have so much to say now .. but I lazy to type ehx ? hahahas
Just a simple summary then, lets start from the very beginning .

Reach the place, think is a place for the catholic youth center, at about 8.40am ..
Started off by telling us that we are a tribe from long ago . A vegetarian tribe .
Our tribe name is called "!ithackdien!panashi" (something like that, its hard to remember lor)
We will close our eyes and someone will tell us our group . I was in Tiger .
And guess what ? We have to move like our animal ! To our respective position in the car park !
My knee was so pain lar cuz I have to crawl .
The best animal is Eagle lar .. They just move their arms can liao .
But the worst animal is snake =p They have to wiggle there . HAHs .
Everyone was like coming out from Zoo .

Reach there liao then got to discuss
Father sat beside our group and look at us .
Then because he over there we have to sit like Tiger . LOL
But they relised that we are all from the same class Matthew2 so they want change our members.
New members came and we continued our discussion
OHMYGOSH, FatherTerence remembered my name liao !
Ahh ..
We make a group name - "HonoLulu" and a 'cheer'
We got to the section room and perform our 'cheer' and bla bla bla.
Then I forgot what we did =x

For lunch .. of cuz only vegetables cuz we are vegetarian .
BUT , remember we are from long time ago ?
So our food is on the banana leaf and we have to eat with our hands -.- outside on the grass !
Adrian (not sure if its spelt like that) said, oh its my culture . hahahas, but he ate last -.-
Then I don't know why I ate very fast .

After lunch we have to go back to section room.
Sent one person up .. So we sent Jean .
Then they tell us we got to dress them up .
using tolietpapers cloth straw cup plate .
And there is a catwalk for them ..
After that must explain what they are ..
Jean looks like a warrior to me but the silers (don't know how spelt) go whisper something to Jean ..
Jean told everyone , Im Mama Mary . LOL lar ..
Rosel(Don't how to spell too=x) keep on luaghing at Jean lar .. Make me there luaghing too .
Then I said "ehx, Rosel your face very funny lehx" (Seriously once I look at her I started luaghing non-stop) Then Rosel reply . "Why you all said my face funny ?! Even Adrain also say"
Silers also over there "me also say .. me also" HAHs .

We made our flag and got to paint our face like what people from last time do .
wow, Silers is good in art.

Game next is hunting animals ..
Which is actually soft toy ..
Wow .. a lot people actually went crazy in this game .. hahahas .
Soooo violent man ..
Saw Calvin over there , waaa, he totally gone mad .. hahahahs
My group guys all also over there snatching .. but the girls just walk around, looking .
When everything is snatch finish, the whole place is full of cotton lar ..
And my group manage to take a big ear and a small ear with the help of my group facilitators (they actually gone crazy too) .. LOL . no meat one . hahahs .
but anyway we are not going to eat it .
Manys slippers spoil .. like Rebecca's .

Last time people whenever they catch some food the will worship right ?
& thats what we need to do too .
Said something funny funny . wad lululu wad lalala all those stupid stupid languages
After that we shown our flag to everyone and say about it ..
Im the one saying .. but I gone blur at the don't what part -.-

Next game is "plead the God"
Which all the facilitators becomes our God and we got to plead them to push our pingpong ball to the wall in order for us to win .
We go plead Andrew and he said he want drink nice nice de milo .
So we ran all the way to canteen and pour 2 cups for him lehx .
Came back he said nono not good ..
Then we go back and pour again, this time we added condance milk .. super a lot .
Come back he drink his face change . hahas ..
Then Fater saw and he also want drink . Oh shit . Then his face 180degrees change man .. hahahaas . cuz its superrr sweet .
Andrew helped us kick the ball then ..
Then we plead this and we did that .
Crawl around like dog .. Move like monkey .. Act out a silent quarrel show .. take the facilitator's spec or shoe(they will run away from us like siao so we must chase) .. sing songs .. Then Dorothy want us take Joshua(JP) 'leg hair' .. LOL lar ..
Its quite siao ..
Over group is the first to reach !
But somehow somehow our ball is deflated , stepped by someone ..
And Father purposely go say cannot lar, our ball deflated, must find way to make it back ..
So we put it in the hot water and waited ..
father saw us like that so he say nvm vnm, we can go bath ler ..
WAhahahaha .
sooo, we took our time cuz we are the only one bathing .
so shuan .

Dinner got fish for us .. Then people asking I thought we are vegetarian how come can eat fish ?
but I forgot what Father reply .
After dinner got sharing session with Father .
Father is so humour lar . Made us all kept luaghing .
Asked us what did we learnt.. Then I tio called out .. Lucky I know man ..
If you want something from someone, you must do something for that person.
Then we got a prayer session ..
And we have to kneel for almost 1 hour ..
Pain .. somehow a lot of us got blueblack on our knee liao ..
Saw a lot people cannot take it .. they sit knee sit knee ..
I kept on ren ren ren .. till somehow near the end I super cannot tahan liao den I sit down .

I forgot what took place liao then we go sleep ..

Early in the morning when we are preparing, saw JP keep on walking pass our room with a blur face . Heard that the guy facilitators all played a prank which carry JP on his bed all the way to the stairs . Then JP still "Oh hey guys, Im at the stair?" something like that I think .. He walked back with a damn blur face .

Had our Morning prayer ..
Ate breakfast ..
All gathered in the car park then .. sat with our group in cricle .
Then Father said that we ate meat so now we got disease !
awww .. So we must moan while Father will walk around .. Then he will like, moaned so soft ?! Louder lar ! So he will lol, slap our face .. hit our head ..
Cuz my group tio head disease so he say head disease must roll on the floor den he rolled us -.- hahhas . It so .. ehem .
And symptoms appeared .. So we have to draw our head ! dman ugly . But this time our facilitators help us draw on our hair .. Its cool ! like we just highlight our hair ..
Group by group must moan infront of everyone .. The one that moan not good de, Father going to draw them all ! .. Which is group "Wooha" .

If we got disease, means there remedy ..
soooo .. each group will held the others groupd remedy .. my group got the hand's remedy ..
And we can add anything in side . At first there is soap oatmeal and bla bla bla inside .. so we added some stones, cotton from the rubbishbin, and bla bla .
That group that held our's remedy is Russel's group .. sia lar .. inside got soya sauce .. oatmeal .. stones .. bla bla .
and we have to put it on our forehead and wrap it with tolietpapers -.-
Its disgusting .
Its so sticky .
After that a sharing session .. Then I forgot wad =x then lunch ..
1pm+ then, Calvin and Adrian going home .. o.o
one parent birthday one going hongkong .

We then had a session which you wrote about 1 friend in the camp .. about her ..
So I wrote about Liszabell ..
After that must paste at her back ..
Im soooo happy lar !
I received total in 5 !
By Annabal Jean Rebecca Liszaball && Silers ! (Quite surprise that Silers will write for me =p)

In the afternoon, we learnt WALTZ !
Its so paisey lor .. Father say what the guy must find a dance partern when count to three ..
Then some guys cant find then they two sit together .. HAHs . but kena caught by Father then must find one girl .
Its quite paisey ..

then we bath then had Dinner ...
Relised I had been laughing with Rosel throughout every meal ..
she keep on making me laugh man .. by looking at her also make me laugh .
&& every meal is SUUPER full for me .
I almost ask Rosel the same question, You want extra food? for every meal .

Night got Euchirist celebration ..
Ended at about midnight .

Morning wake up usual thing .. prayer .. then breakfast .
After that got a don't know what thing ..
One by one called by a facilitator and go into the room to pray together ..
Waited very long .. then the facilitator that called me is Sheela .. WAA .
She know my name ?? how she know de ..
She was like "Jocelyn? yeaa .. "
Bowed .. she bring me all the way in front .. others still praying . Then pray .. for quite some minutes .. then she go away .. but I continue praying .. Then I bowed and go out ..

Next activities !
Remember tio disease ?? Then treated ??
BUT .. some didnt . and they DIE ..
We drew our team dead person not just the head this time but everywhere .. his leg hand face .
Then Father came with a small leaf and place it at the dead's person mouth and said "tell you don't eat meat you still eat" . HAHs .
So we have to present a furnel for them !
I acted as the Moaning Wife .. ._.
Silers as the villagechief .
Last time people don't speak English sooo, we need a translator ..
& thats Jean .
Rosel as the Witch or whatever to comsume the furnel ..
Silers is soo funny lar .. Don't know what he talking .

After everyone is done .. now we must Bury the dead person .. muhahha .
Carried the dead person outside of the youth center ..
HE is so HEAVY -.-
I carried the legs .
walked all the way outside .. to a traffic juntion ..
super a lot car look at us lar ..
Plus now all our face is all draw .
Then we waited for the lights .. till green .
walked walked walked .. super funny lar ..
soo many eyes on us .
after the Traffic, we reached a field .. waaa, damn big .
Its water time ! =D
They pass us buckets of COLOUR WATER BOMBS .
I tot its going to be just water . LOL .. but its paint water .
My group got red I think .
Each group then walked seperate way ..
walked walked walked then stop ..
And what the ??
We relised we are being surround by the others groups cuz we walked till the center !
North south east west .. All other 7 groups .
but the game is going to start so had no choise but to stay ..
waa , I can see meny groups getting ready in our direction .. o.o
But we aiming for "Kasumi" wahahahahs .
countdown finish we all chiong towards kasumi ..
Awww ! the water bomb is so pain lar !! LOL .
aim here aim there . so wet .
People come stealing our bombs .. lol
So we also go steal others .. Kasumi ! HAHs .
Then the group "Wooha" use finish liao . But they not guai ! they go take sand and put it into the plastic bag and started throwing again ..
I tio aim one by don't who .
SUPER pain lar ..!

All finish liao then we must pick up the bags ..
WOW .. from what I see our place is the most bags .. means a lot people come bomb us -.-

Go back .. bath . eat lunch . Euchirist celebration .

theres a few times we are listening to MrChee talking ..
His talking is super boring lar !! I want sleep liao lor .

Guess what ??
Before wo go home, Father told us that our tribe name,
"!ithackdien!panashi" is actually = Itchy backside pain pain wanna shit !
LOL lar ! means all this while we were saying this .. -.-

I ENJOY Father talking session lar .. sooooo fun and funny !
Keep on making us laugh . Thats one of the reason why this camp is dun too.
He also keep on stealing our flag .. rolled it and, hit our head !
Whoever go pass him will kena ..
HAHs ..
I tio quite a few times ..

Its fun =D
Thursday, November 20, 2008
Camp !
Watch finish '10 Promise To My Dog'
Get a little bit too emotional when the dog died ehx ? hahas .

Ahh . Still havent pack my camp bag . =x
Joan say it will be fun . o.o
hope so bahx .

AV chairman said my detail write out is .. hmm .. a bit too short but sweet . =p
HAHs .
Then he asked me question about Crystal .
What did she do ehx ?
Congrats Enid =)
quite high agg your get
Wednesday, November 19, 2008
Just sent my detail write out to chairman .. =x
Wrote rubbish all inside . never mind, at least I got sent lor .
si Calvin say that I have learnt how to spoil ava machines .. ._.
Am i that .. lan ?

Took my new spec ler . o.o
Do I look weird ?
hahas .
Gonna pack my church camp bag soon ..
Saw the packing list there wrote a thing .. I want laugh sia ..
Tibits/Snacks - Optional
LOL lar . Camp can bring tibits somemore de. hahahahahas
There is going to be healing eucharist during the camp . o.o
My first time sia . Wonder what will happen .
Monday, November 17, 2008
I know my class ler !!
From the information from Serene&Shermain
But don't know why there is a funny funny feeling flowing through me ..
Whatever .

Starting reading 'Midnight sun' (twilight version of Edward) first chapter .
Don't know wheather should I continue reading cuz its actually a draft . Only that Chapter one is the only chapter edited ready .
Edward version is kind of nicer then Bella version .
But that's of cuz .

Just brought a new TV yesterday but tomorrow then delivered .
It makes no different to me truthfully .

ErJie went for her bbq ..
No outing planned for me . I mean there is lar, but cuz of some reason I don't want to go .
Chatted chatted and chatted .
And then there is a mix conversation ..
Think is jiaying added de bahx . Saw Mike asking JiaYing why keep adding .
All old friends inside .
Suddenly JiaYing called my name, then YongAik also called my name .
Then everyone called my name ._.
Mike even called me nylecoj
& then keep on typing my name .
Mike own self over there 'me first' 'me first' 'me first' ...
HAHs ..
Am I yearning for it ?
Sunday, November 16, 2008
Added new song ..
Song from "Absolute Boyfriend"

The 'review' (AuntyMonica says don't call it a test .. review nicer .. HAHs) yesterday was quite .. okok only .
I only know how to answer half of all .. hahas .
Of cuz the most 有把握的 is Nicene creed .
I memorise all k ..
Aunty Monica keep on giving us hint . Lucky MrChee never come lor, if he come confirm everyone quiet quiet and he will never give hint .

5 more days then camp liao ..
Cher say we all gonna sleep in aircon room . o.o

Cat class is ended for this year !! =D
That's means Saturday I'm free ler !
BUT ..
It seem like the Hidden Treasures had prepared more activities after holiday then before holiday ..
If I participate all the activities means for the whole holiday, I only got one Saturday free .. Which is 13dec .
Saw a activity called "Life Skills Workshop"
Actually included :
Ball room dancing
Presentation skills
Music band
waa ?? only to choose one lar .
but, ehx ehx ehx ???
What does it got to do with our religion ?
After 2 times of practice still got showcase wor .. LOL
Also got a few Youth Eucharist .. dunnid think also know is host by FrTerence de lor .
Got 'Night walk' .. o.o ??? what lai de ..
Description says : night to morning journey ..
think is must stay over de bahx.
Then got 'Journey of St. Anthony .. which is "Race around the island(Should be Singapore it means I think) following the journey of our patron saint. overnight event."
the rest is just a few session of I dunno which thing .
Lastly is the newyear's eve party .
Friday, November 14, 2008


Wake up early .. Waa, I still want sleep lar .
But promised to go for the basketball thinggi ..
Today a bit sian there, for me only I think .
Cuz I not moving at all =x
Go there sai tai yang ..

Go out with Mummy & ErJie for , ala , some 'serious' matter ..
then walked walked . .
Finally found a spec I like and, I ordered it ler . .
Same its from Japan .
Wow, seem like all the spec I like is from Japan de ..
& its RED ! =)
ErJie looking shoes for her pormnight .
Brought a new drink called '9°C Cocktail' .
(It really taste like sai =P)

Home and papa reminded me for the test tomorrow =x ..
Then Calvin very high that we all tio comfirm to go comfrimation 2 next year ..
His class no test tomorrow !!
Last time ask him for notes but he said he recycled all ler ._.
Lucky the test is open book, can see bible .
Calvin say he help me pray .. HAH .
Maybe thats all he can do .
THANKs wor ! Pray harder kies !
Thursday, November 13, 2008
shut up . FUCK OFF !
I dont know WHAT you have DONE or what you are GOING to do .
Just leave everyone alone you bloody guy .

Wanna thanks Wei 老师 & Ma 老师 . .
For your 拔刀相助 .
Love, it takes time to be natured.
There are always chances around; it’s just a matter whether you wanna accept it.

Trust, it’s being build upon.
True as it seems, when it takes only seconds of time to destroy that trust you build upon for years.

Faith, it’s what you believe in.
Believe that the guy next to you will be the one holding your hand leading you down the aisle.

We tend to seek for the true love which is always being spoken of, yet does it even exist?
I believe – Heaven has it all planned.We just need to follow our heart & mind to believe what’s right.
Wednesday, November 12, 2008
I'm very sure I didn't sleep last night .
Closed my eyes throughout the night . but open every minute .

Get scolding from XLS during yesterday practice ..
Its been a while since she da fa lei ting ..
& my mood drop right away .
Tuesday, November 11, 2008
Wow .
三姑 is so surprisingly .
I totally 吓 dao when she called me and asked me that thing . hhahahas
Wonder its gonna work out or not . o.o
OhMyGoshh ..
I dreamt a lot of things lar ..
In one night I can dream many different dreams ..
& this morning I dreamt that .. ehem, childhood friend called me ..
He said those things that he would said to me during childhood time ..
I woke up and imagine him saying all those thing in his present age, sec 4, now ..
Its, LOL . Shouldn't imagine in the first place .. Laugh till my stomach burst lar .

Super 紧张 nowadays when heading for my attachment ..
Heart gonna pop out .
Chairman told me that Fr. Terence said I should press faster . =x !!!
I must follow the rhythm you know ?? Hahas ..

Eye Sight is really really really falling !
I sees things blur liao .
Not that cham lar .
Mummy bought me to spec shop ..
I said I still want red colour de yet Mummy say nonono, I should try other colours too ...
But in the end I still 看中 a red colour spec from Japan =D
& Mummy say nothing =p
But havent buy yet . . .

Thanks for all your tags !! =D
Seem like the words "My blog is so dead liao" work arhx? hahas
Say liao JinHao&Shermain come tag .. =x
Thanks !
More more more !!
Saturday, November 8, 2008
Finally got show to watch ler ..
-"Oh! My Girl!"
-"Absolute Boyfriend"

All very nice to me.
Sian lor, no one tag de .. my blog is so dead liao . =x
Wonder when is the ClassT ready .. haix .
Friday, November 7, 2008
Copy and paste to your own blog, erase my answers, and add your own.
Use the 1st letter of your name to answer each of he following questions.
They have to be real places, name and/or objects, but nothing made up.
Try to use different answers if the person you got this from has the same initial.
You can't use your name for the boy/girl question.

Name: Jocelyn

1. Four letters word- Joke
2. Boy's name- Jacob=D
3. Girl's name- Aunty Josephine!
4. Occupation- Jockey
5. Colour- Jaffa
6. Something you wear- Jade
7. Beverage- Juice?
8. Food- Jelly
9. Place- Jurong
10. Something that found in the bathroom- Don't have lehx .. ??
11. Reason for being late- Jogging to the location so Im late ? HAHs
12. Something you shout- Jerk!
13. Font- Joker
14. TV show- Jigoku Shoujo
15. Song title- Jikan yo Tomare
16. Country- Japan..!

Name time people to pass on to -
Wednesday, November 5, 2008
Death is not the end, its the beginning of eternal life.

Monday . .
Almost forgot what I did ..
Only remembered ErJie taught me some basic foot drilling

Tuesday . .
Co practice .. started at 12.45 .. ended at 5.30 . .
New SYF song come liao .. still must punchase the score de . .
"Song of Cicada"
Got hard part lar ..
fast fast de . fast ok , but looong fast part .
XLS want us to memorise the fast part by next week .. think she going to test us . =x
XLS not coming this Thursday !! ahahahas ! what a good news ?? hahas .
See her stress me lor .

Today . .
Wake up late .. suppose to wake up at 8 .. but 9.30 then wake up .. -.-
cuz 10 going JB to eat lunch .. rush rush .
Reach JB liao .. then go popo de friend's, company.
Then we all go into his office to wait for another friend ..
Korkor called me ..
But I didnt answer of cuz .
Don't wanna waste $$ ..
By 11.30 then the guy reach .. o.o
Then don't why we all sit his car go instead of our own ..
Maybe cuz only he knows the way and its more convenient bahx .
His driver took one seat .. he took one seat . den we all must squeez behind ..
Lucky only 4 behind lar .. & its quite spacey
All adults lar .. Im left out of the topic .. I rather be left out of the topic then to be inside .. =x
I don't what place we went ..
But for sure its further than Skudai ..
Cuz I saw us passing by Cousin's primary school which is in skudai and also some buildings which I recoginsed .. && also of cuz .. "Skudai" signboard -.-
Listened to my music all the way .
Eat finish come back liao go visit cousin ..
Then bla bla bla ..
Come back to Singapore, Serene lended me Eclipse !!!
I too excited till I tripped over a stool .. && my little toe started bleeding .. TT .
Lucky it wasnt pain
Phillip Korkor came then .. to give his wedding invitation! =}
But I cant go !!! Cuz I got my church camp on that day .. TT
Because of me papa also cannot go ..
Monday, November 3, 2008
Ehxx ~~ STRESS ..

Yesterday is all souls day I think .. Thats why church so many people ..
Somemore not only left me to do the slide .. shit .
Then Calvin say what he also will be going for the mass .. see how I make the ava machine all spoil -.-

When the mass start, the opening song I straight away 乱 diao liao .. AWW
Over there panicing lar , but lucky that guy helped me .. he so calm ..
Suddenly people started coming to the second floor ..
Make me STRESS more lar .
Cuz normally people wont come up unless its full house downstair .
So many eyes behind me man .. If I press wrong comfirm they all will look at me .
Lucky everything ended smoothly .. phew .
But one thing is that I cant see the number of fingers the leader of choir shown to me !
Too far away liao lar ..
So I go by my instinct lor , guess whether its verse 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 ..
Saturday, November 1, 2008
Happy Birthday Benjamin =}

Cityhall-ed with ... friends
Shallnt elaborate ehx ?
懒惰 ..

Jocelyn Tee

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