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Sunday, August 31, 2008
Calvin asked me wad ministry I am in den i remember Im in the AV ! =p
He say he in the choir .. hahahas
Saturday, August 30, 2008
Back from camp ..

29.08.08 -
Teachers day and also be yourself day ..
We brought the white coat but no one dare to put up ..
So, we said if cher cum scold us or say us den we wear ..
But lucky cher nvr say anything .. =p
After the celebration,
MeSereneHaomingCalvin&Tabin went back to Qihua together ..
Saw a lot of ex-schoolmates .. ! =x
But just not YuYingBuddydarlin .. !!!!
I go back ler, outside school called her, she say she inside school canteen ler !!
AW ..
Always like tat de .. haix.
Didnt manage to see MsTan .. T.T

Rush back home, ate, changed, take & off i go ..
Meet Esther outside school.. but she was late ..
All assemble at music room
I was being put into grp 8 !
With YiyingLaoopoo !!
Soo happy lar, atleast gt someone with me ..
QiXin senior, HuiShi senior and Phyllis senior, my grp facilitator =D
Alone with, Xuanwei, Yiying, Liying, HannahSenior, LiYanSenior and one more boyboy, forgetten the name liao . =x

We went to put our bags in the bunk and den go carry out the activities ler ..
Did some cheerings and games ..
Den ahd a wad dunno call wad de game .. anyway, its just nid to find the murderer (not that type of blinking game -.- ) .. The game took uite a long time ..
After that dunno wad dunno wad dunno wad ..
Dinner finish ler, we went to shower ..
Den go up to music room ..
in the music room That part very funny ..

QianHui den tell me yiying and some senior and sec one
She say wad .. went slping time , e shoe cannot put like tat, not put like tat ..
Best not to face window or look into it .. either ur legs or head muz face the board ..
Still gt somemore things ..
Cuz she say now 7th month .. Follow the rules better den nvr ..
Make me and yiying start to scare liao ..
And I relised I forgotten to bring my cross necklet ..!
ahhhh !!!!
Yiying got bring her fu lor ..
Make me more scare ..
Had an early bed time ..
I keep on praying and praying ..
done praying ler, but i keep on singing the paryer in my mind, till i finally fall a slp..
But From wad I remember,
I was like half asleep half not asleep .. hahas ..

Morning wake up, did PT ..
After that played captianball ..
grp1 vs grp2 ............. grp7 vs grp8
We won them by 17:5 ..
our grp has a great thrower, passer, defender, catcher ..
Went to eat breakfast ..
after that go PS ..
we r suppose to make a flag with a pole and some newspaper given .. (where i totally has no mood in it)
Make finish ler we go do others activities ..
Water activities !!
First one is, our hands in tangled with one another in a circle ..
Den, we are suppose to untangled .. Mean tome they will be spraying .. using the fire thinggi ..!
I zun zun is one of it to be standing infront of the thinggi ..
Strt ler, but our grp do quite fast .. Means not much water being sprayed! eee not fun .
but my fringe and pants wet liao ..
grp7 more worst . Cuz they slower .. totally wet ..
after that go play another, also water game ! this time is, try to take off the shoe while holding on the buckle .. (I dunno how to say)
We quite blur, dun really understand the game .
Den oni LiYanSenior tio the water ..
But cause all lying down, I beside her very close, my back oso kena water ..
but we try one more time, and we success ..
one more water game oso, but this one all nvr tio the water .. =p
den still gt one more activitied , not water de.
Den we gathered again,
This time we playing flagwar
We muz protect the flag .. Me and Yiying is the defender .. the boy taking the flag ..
Strt ler, wlao, the boy go run away .. LOL lar ..
Me and yiying muz chase him and stop him ..
We r suppose to 'protect' him lar, but he still run away from us .. -.-
Ending, YeeHerng's grp won .. They super smart lar, the flag .. hahas .. so cute de. small small

We sat in the PS .. talk talk talk ..
QianHui senior still taking water .. pouring on us (almost everyone want her to pour on them) ..
Cuz weather damn hot .
Call her pour on me and yiying .. She poured on our back ..waaa ..so shuang
Den i say more, but she walked away .
so, i tot nvm ..
Hu knows she suddenly turned and poured all the water on me and yiying . whole body now kena ..
That one ssuuppeeerrr shuang lar . !
after that HuiShi senior dunno come out from wher de lor, from my behind go pour the water .. I xia dao lar .. hahas.. but shuang .
Now I from head to teo totally wet ler ..
den dunno wad happen, all go play water from canteen .. -.-
Went back to bunk, changed clothes ..
take our bags den go music room .. wa .. inside quite smelly .. cuz all still a bit wetwet go in aircon room . hahas
den they said a lot things before they let us go ..

I rush home, bathe, changed, ate, and go out again !
Very rush lar..! I somemore still use running to the busstop ..
Reach cwp breaktalk, suppose to meet ErHu members . With all the CO members
Cuz we nid to go Singapore Conference Hall .. To catch River Valley High School performance ..
All co members go tgt .. to .. there lor .
Senior say SFY will be tested inside there .. o.O
Over there saw Mdm Tan's daughter ! .. so cute lar !
First half of the performance I didnt sleep k.. I swear .
But second half of the performance, the comfortable cushion chair in an air-conditional hall with music, I just cant resist .. my eyes were half close ler ..

Watch finish ler den go home ..
Reach home bout 6 ..
But NO key ! argg !
shit !
cuz whole family not at home .. they went IKEA ..
I waited for them .. 50min !
out side the dooor ,,
Then they reach home .. argg..
I learnt my mistake .. To not bring my keys ..

They brought my favourite salmon !
one whole big fish .. =p
quite ex thought ..

Done my talking !
Sad sad .. this two days totally NO new tags ..
Thursday, August 28, 2008
Alamak ..
Dont dare wear the thinggi ..
Asked jinhao wad he wearing he dunno wan tell me ..
Im wearing suppperrrr LAME things lar .. ~
Dun dare to wear !!
Tml gonna have my first CO camp ..
But after the camp somemore oni giv us bout 1hr and 30mins to go home and change our clothes ..
Cuz we goning to the singapore wad wad wad de ..
Senior say quite far ..
now packing bag ler ..
Wednesday, August 27, 2008
Got 46/50 for Chinese Test . Same goes to SheenaMeimei
Highest . =)) happy happy
Hate history lesson lar ..
Geo lesson MsYong nvr come o.O haix .
Chemistry got formula test ..
MrGoh suddenly ask me how is the paper .. wa, I xia dao ..
Haoming say something, make me feel even if he wan treat me eat I oso dunwan ..
Stay back after school for a short briefing on beyourself day ..
Still dunno wad to wear lar !!
Singapore .. Heros .. Awww
Headache Headache ..
Briefing finish ler, Raining ..
So, means cannot go home take my materials for ART !!
Shit ! -.-
Go library with Shermain's art grp member ..
Damnn cold inside lar !! (sis say library de aircon's tem cannot control de)
Found some recipe hehes .
after that cher say library closing ler ..
So we move down to canteen ..
Den HM say wad teabreak time .. need eat .. hahas
So me, HM, ZiHarn go 834 buy rojak !
HM treat !
&& suddenly I dun mind wad he just say ler .. =P
Bring back to canteen eat .. HM and ZiHarn share .. Me alone ! hehes
Den go home ler .. Saw YiYing laoopoo !
Soo, walk home with her ..
Talk walk talk walk ..
den, byebyes

Now rushing on art !
HM chat a little bit with me ..
Sheena says something bout the classblogtagboard
SaiJie senior ask me wad duty I doing on CO camp ..
But I no duty !! hahas .. means can play ! =X
Tuesday, August 26, 2008
Hehe, JoanSenior say Catechism Camp will be very fun ;D
Now she make me a bit looking forward to it ..
School was moody for me today ..
Recess time, lucky Sonia pei wo, if not, Im alone . (cuz nid lock door lar, dun think so much)
HomePeriod .. only a 'haix' word to say .

Erhu, Cher call ZhenWei senior to test us one by one .. I tio first ..
(everytime tio first de lar! )
After tat, Xulaoshi suddenly say wan to test me!
Wa ! shit ! So scare lar !
After testing , she say my right hand too tense liao .opps .. hahas
call me to relax more .. but how to relax infornt of her ?! hahas ..
Try my best den ..
Cher giv us new song to learn .. haix .
She forgotten to let us go break lar ! haix .
6.05pm gt music room for briefing ..
Ended at bout 6.15/6.20
exco and SL nid stay back for meeting ..
Den they say this say that ..
bout 7.10 ler, cher cum in and tell us school wan close gate ler ..
Den they release us ..
&& YiYing laoopoo still outside waiting for me lar !
Thankyous laoopoo ! ;D
Sky dark ler ..
Lucky small gate got open ..
Walk walk walk...
Saw my parents !
ahahahas .!
Think cuz i havent go home yet, && mayb cuz its, erm, 7th month .. , so they worried bahx .
A bit ps .. But thanks !
&& sorry to YiYing laoopoo !
Bcuz my parents there so u cannot walk with me ..
Sorry laoopoo ! :(
Reach home veri hungry ler .. haix ..

Tag replys :
yuying : Thanks ! I will try to cheer up ;D ily && imy too !!
MING : hehe, yalar yalar, dun hav you cannot cope my life lar .. hahas .. like real . jk .
Dun call you little mingming den call u wad ? correct wad ? u little, so i call u little, ur name mingming, but i shortcut mingX2 =P hahas .. aye .. I like calling you LITTLEmingX2 mahx . hahas, isnt it nice ? x=
'SHEENA : you make me speechless ..
I shall try to keep it silently !
Monday, August 25, 2008
Haix Haix Haix
suer moodless ..
Someone told me one more secret
Means one more things cant be told ..
Things were happening one right after another ..
So 痛苦lar!
didnt expect my secondary life to be like that ..
I know there is just one day I couldnt take it anymore ..
Couldnt take it anymore ..

好痛苦 . 我还能忍受吗?
Enough of all the things ler ..
make me headache ..
almost break up friendship ..
Decided on washing up my hands on that matter ..
Not going to answer ani qns related to that ..
Watch finish 篮球火 Ep 5 ler .. ! =P
&& also some of 篮球火behind the scenes !
Quite funny ..
Rushing on Geo homework now .

SORRY Shermain !! For my irresponsible behavior ..
Sunday, August 24, 2008
To ehem .
Sad that you say my post is those children post de pattern ..
But I know that your post must be tat type of feelins towards ur days or ur friends.
you will just post on your blog ..
But Thats the reason that you all keep on having problems with ur friendship ..
You say my post is childish maybe cuz I just type out my days .
You think I dun wan to type out wad I really wan to?
But, cuz I think before I type out .
If I just say whatever I feel about it, confirm there is gonna have quarrel .
I dont want quarrel tats why I kept it all to myself instead of typing it out .
Alright, mayb you just wan everyone to see .
But I tot you are not suppose to let your junior see any quarrel between you all ?
you say mine is childish, ok thats your opinion,
And what I have just say is also just my opinion ..
EE .. no tags nowdays .. haix .
Grandma and xiaoyi(cousin) came my house and stay oveer ..
o.O hehes

黑糖群俠傳 Ep 5 come out ler .. ! =p

wehahahas ..

But problem is that Erjie is sleeping again

aww .. load fnish ler yet cannot watch .. cuz muz wait for her ..

So 痛苦 lar .. 明明就在眼前 .. haix .

Friday, August 22, 2008
Loading show just now ..
while waiting Sista go sleep . -.-
Left me alone there .
Now done loading ler .
Go room call sista ..
She nvr react to it .. -.-
So i go shake her ..
Den her eyes finally opened .
The first thing she said is "我在抖lehx..?"
I said is I shake de yet she still blur blur dunno what I talking ..
Haix, in the end let her sleep somemore ..

You ruin my cheerful mood !
Thursday, August 21, 2008
Morning Eng damn boring lar ..
do drawing ..
Den Math .. More Boring lar !
Recess time rushed on art that is not done ..
After that art, wow, miracle lor, cher no scold us at all . =p
I keep on spelling 'cardboard' wrong .. -.-
Music !
getting more and more boring !
Erhu lesson is much much more fun than music lesson lar !
Chinese, read a article on newspaper .. written from our school de ..
den cher call us to do a 150words reflection for homework ..
dunno hu go and complain den cher angry call us to do right at that moment, havent do finish cannot be release ..
argg .. left 15+min to bell ring ..
rush rush rush ..
in the end I think i write till 200 words bahx . =x

After school go home put bag with sheena..
den go buy food .
Den go back evg ler ..
Meet malaoshi ..
she today bad mood sia .. Go tea thinggi ..
Went there doo all e things ..
gt sell teaegg .. I go buy,
Haoming call me to help him buy .. (he buying for mei)
Benjamin oso ..
Walk down ler relised forgot to take $$ -.-
HM go throw the $1 coin .. aiyo .
Den drop down ler, the coin so small I cannot see wher it is lar
In the end cannot find .

peel the egg ler ..
ate ler ..
And relised Benjamin still figuring how to peel the egg -.-
LOL lar !
Ask him first time eat egg izzit he say yes ..
In e end he put the egg in, den spit out e shell and skin ..
hahas ..
got the video .. but he dunnwan me to put up ..
after that go back ler ..
Reach school still nid go for CO briefing ..

After that walk home with yiyinglaoopoo ..
she say CO camp will mix grp .. thats wad i hate most lar ..
can juz go by section can ler wad .. nvm
they gt their reason ..
Reach home ler straight away go out eat dinner ..
Tag replys :

❥'Sheena : KH scared mehx ? LOL .. err, 我认为每个人都有优点 .. 但当然也有缺点 ..
Shermain : But if you dun go on Friday, u will feel this way .. its sooo unfair !
Diana ♥ : EE .. haix .. no lor .. so ugly .. so noob ..
haoming : Yea, winking rox .. o.O && I say EVERYONE, everyone is included .. nvm, I dun care ler .
Wednesday, August 20, 2008
ChineseOralExam !
Today got exam yet they yesterday then tell us ..
wtf ? o.O

Started with a drizzling morning ..
Everyone go class ..
MeEstherYiying went around to collect e notebook & also the money for xls
MathLessons I got back testpaper ..
PASS ! =))
Got pass can ler. =x
But i didnt do my math homework .. =p
Lucky I think no nid do reflection cuz cher nvr say anything ..
But that Haoming keep shouting to MsNg say 'Cher! Jocelyn want do reflection'
But cher dun care him .

MT practice on oral ..
boring boring boring ..
MaLaoShi say tml if got extra place, those who hav hone to the tea thinggi can go again ..
ZZZ lor !
SOOOOO unfair !!
Wlao ..
teach us "一视同仁" yet they can go extra !

History Cher nvr come . came a gilar relieve cher .. keep on telling us bout his pass ..

While waiting for msyong Haoming go take my things .. wher my ezlink card inside ..
He go take out lor .. argg
Damn angry.
accidentally drop on floor den dunno how ended up in benjamin theere ..
I keep on shouting at them lar ..
they Throw here throw there ..
Til i veri angry liao den i shouted at benjamin loud loud ..
Den, wow, he giv back me .. hahas

Geo got back paper and go through ..
Chem gt back testpaper ..
but not so well done ..
nvm nvm .. got pass can ler .! ;D
HaoMing keep on winking to boys in the class .. hahas .
Wink to kaihong , kaihong look away .
Wink to benjamin , banjamin wink back .
Wink to salihin , salihin say 'what' ?

Went eat lunch den go back class ..
JiaXu and Benjamin fight !
outside ITG classroom .
Cuz of a gal ..
Lucky that time no teacher .. if not they in trouble ler ..

Oral time ler
Me index no. 8 ..
not so behind .. not so infront ..
jus right . =p
&& haoming continue winking ..

the reading went quite smooth ..
but the conversation a bit stuck ..
hahas .
shall not elaborate more ..

Reach home ler straight away go rush art homework ..

On msn Suddenly BerniceMei remind me "this saturday got catchism MUST COME!!! haas"
hahas, I xia dao lor . hahas
Tuesday, August 19, 2008
Watching 'First class'
Superrr funny lar !
keep on laughing ;D

Wher gt a little bit .. haix.
SSooo ugly lor ..
Wahahaha ..
I ♥♥♥♥♥ Jasmineeee !
She soo pro in ErHu .. && so is Other seniors too .! ;D
Today after break XuLaoShi call us to practice 森吉德玛 ..
cuz she say mayb this year end got exam .. x=
Den let one sec 2 teach one sec 1 ..
me tio jasmine !
She teach till veri clear .. and veri patient .. =x
Haix ..

Today Daniel's brithday ..
HaoMing tell MsYong ..
Msyong replied "If we sing birthday song for him , wait he cry"
hahahas .. ><

Nowday everyday pin up hair lor ..
damn UGLY lar ..
cuz almost everyday also gt either MsYong or MsWong lesson ..
Mon - MsWong
Tues - MsWong&MsYong
Wed - MsYong
Thurs - MsWong
Fri - MsYong&MsWong
haix .. !!
look sooo noob lar ..

Got back Geo test paper ..
PASS ! =x
Got pass can ler ..
happy enough ..

DianaMei today not feelin well .
Recess time she totally forgot me and shermain lar .. hahas
In class she almost, almost votim .. but nvr ..
(did she swallow back?)
nvm .

Haix waiting for show to load ..
Monday, August 18, 2008
AWW ..
Suddenly remembered I forgot to go for interactclub meeting ..
Hope they dun remember me/my name ..
So I wont be send for DC .. x=

Wahahahas ..
Nice show larr !
addicted to it ler =p
But always no time to watch .. aww
Sunday, August 17, 2008
响起, 游乐场里的旋转木马, 就会
停下来 ... ...

Found new show !
' 黑糖群侠传 '
havent start watching yet .
Waiting for it to load .

Morning wake up watch olympic ..
They run soo long lar , 40+ km
Kisiao one ..
Saturday, August 16, 2008

Last time nvr put this up ..
Now very free, so .. bleax . I go put this up ..
Inside got SheenaSereneHaoMingCalvin
But cant see calvin and Haoming face ..
Cant even see Haoming .. oni his leg and hand . hahas
Yeah ...
Watch finish 篮球火 ep 3 .. =p
comfirm they will win the competitiong .. i think . o.O
Watched 篮球火 till half of ep 2 den no time watch ler ..
haix ..
suddenly remember this story 'What I did for Love'
Very touching .. for me lar .
Go read go read
Can be found in internet ..
Love this story a lot ..
But very sad ..
No cat class today o.O
Asked calvin, he say no class, asked him why, he said he forgotten -.-
Then go asked BerniceMei, she also said no class ..
soo . means no class today .. hahas. but still dunno why .. -.-
Friday, August 15, 2008
WOOT .. nvm . a bit high today
wahahaha . nice day today .. =))

P.E played socer today .. haix .
Girls vs girls
Boyes vs boys
We slacking over there . Only when the ball came then we kick . =p
Me over there zi high .. laugh .. zi high .. laugh .
Den bu xiao xin slip & fall down .-.-
knee tio a small cut .. bleeding
Stand up ler Sonia say 'Jocelyn ehem with the grass hahas'

Chinese got Test .. !
Aww ..
Dunno one qns . skipped . was thinking ltr den come back to it .
When done everything ler .. Very happy, but forgot still got one qns havent do . -.- after that den remembered .

Recess only gone office to take duster ..
With the accompany of Shermain and Sonia =D

English go throught ws ..
HaoMing&&HongChye there staring at Aaron, making him laugh ..
Howcome he like that also will laugh ..

CCD did singapore thinggi again .. keep on writing reflection . getting boring && boring ..
After School suppose to go see MaLaoShi see if got space or not ..
But cause Me && Sheena is good Jie&&Mei ..
So we decided to accompany Didi by going next week instead of this week ..

Went Cwp then .. eat mac cuz Mei wan to .
After that went popular brought stationary
Saw Miss Loola and Miss JoannaLee .. =X
went library to find ART info .. Shit the art teacher lar ..
She so what lar .. yes yes .. everything you right we wrong .. ZZ
Searched for very long oni found a little bit .. haix.
Went eat eat den go home ler ..
Saw Martin at the interchange ..
Go on bus saw merealin (dunno how speel =X) with a 1respect guy .. er .. ?
think is her stead .. or silbing or friend bahx . hahas
anyway seeing her tml at cat class
&& now going to watch 命中注定我爱你 xp
Thursday, August 14, 2008
Saw this question ..

How many of each type of animal did Moses take on the Ark?

Try it bahx
easy question ..
Eye a bit pain .. haix .. -.-
Haix ..
I really really dont like my new place ..
Damn BORING .!
Sibei BORING .!
aww .. haix ..
Nowday in class only got didi && meimei to talk to me ..
&& 'my VERY GOOD DE SHIT KORKOR' sms me ..
haix .

Everyday oso got test .
Tues - Geo and lit CT
Wed - Chem CT
Thurs - Math CT
Fri - Chinese CT

Aww .. JF say tml the trip to tea thinggi de oni got 5 place ..
&& MaLaoShi say give it to the CD ppl ..
Just because they gt CD on Thursday so wan them to go tml .
They got cca on thursday we dun have mehx ??
wth lar .
MaLaoShi - BIAS !
NVM ..
Wednesday, August 13, 2008
Wee ~ `
Edited the previous previous previous post .. the one on vivo .. pictures ..
HongChye and Hm .. why need soo big deal that I talk to Aaron . ??? -.-
As if the two of you dont talk to girls . ?!
ESP HongChye ..
There is totally nothing between us lar ..
I didnt talk to Aaron b4 lor .. Its like I dunno there is such person in 1itg ..
Sooo .. wlao . stop k .
Ltr Aaron luan luan xiang .. -.-
Seriously stop it lar .. I tot prefect wont like tat ..
Wlao .. instead , this prefect is totally like that . ZZ
Tuesday, August 12, 2008
EEE .. Im so comfortable with my pervious sit ler den now change play again .. -.- awww ..
I finally get used to it ler lor ..
Den now must try to gt use to another one .. haix
But luckily gt didi and meimei . one in front and 1 behind .
At first when Cher change sheena de place, I tot her 'dream' come true ler ..
But suddenly cher go change Hm place ..
Change Jackson to beside Jf .. && Jf cry right away .. OMG ..
Jackson so scary ?? o.O hahahas .
After that go change my place .. -.-
To behind HongChye .. ok lar .. wher Hm is beside him ..
Hai ..
Miss Yong den talk to Jf .. after that they decided to let Sonia to sit with Jackson instead of Jf .
Sooo KeLian Sonia lar .. ! hahahas ..
Llottery oso not so zhun .. hahahas .. GoodLuck man ..
Got problem with the perivous post . NVM ..
Dun care ler
Monday, August 11, 2008
Woot !
Went VIVO today
With SheenaSereneHaoMing&Calvin . !
lets start my story . xD
Morning meet HaoMing at his blk bustop ..
together go cwp meet others at breadtalk .
Then he keep on saying that guy name . -.-
Reach cwp saw Calvin drinking greentea ..
So I also go 7-11 buy sweet .
Stupid lar that sweet , gt plastic around .
Cannot plug off .. pass to HaoMing also cannot, he somemore wan bite ..
Then to Calvin .. waa , last den 20s he tear open leer.. hahas
But the guys dunwan give back me .. -.-
Finally when sheena&serene reach den they give back ,
So I suggest we take bus to vivo .. (bad idea)
The bus super slow lar, go here go there,
Wlao, den that Hm keep on 'dunno is hu wan take bus wan lor, i say mrt better ler she dunwan'

Reach there ler go eat KFC ..
When I buying serene's food (cuz she help me buy so i help her buy xD)
They there playing with my drinking with a 5cent ..

In the end drop in -.- ..

& no one tell me !!!
I come back ler still there drinking ..
After that den relised ... ZZZ
So angry lar ..

And we head for VIVO .. =))
Walk around for a while,
remember that the guys wan go arcade ..
but cuz vivo too big cannot find, so I called YUYING .. cuz she gt go e arcade b4 ..
following her clue and find ..
Found ler and oso found e Big Low Pool .. =P
After playing in the arcade we went to the big low pool play ! (cuz last time I cum no water inside .. -.-)
Play Play Play .. Den the guys join us .. Play Play Play ..
hehe .. play for quite a long time .. =p ..
After that when food republic ..
I treat them dessert lehx ! one $2.50 .. % $12.50 ..!
they all ate icekachiang .. oni I ate ICe glass jelly with aloe .. soooo nice lar !
But ate till half Cal nid go ler .. cuz his father's brithday today .. anyway, HappyBirthday !
Eat finish ler We go shop shop ..
I brought a kappa shoe .. =P (cuz my shoe, we throw here throw there just now at the pool .. den a bt spoil spoil .. -.-)
Den we took cab to North Point !
$17.50 -.-
&& AGAIN, sheena feel sick.. ! izzit because of food again hahas..
is cabsickness bahx .
And after eating, she is well again !!!
Me and Hm brought Corn ..
And my spoon drop down after a few mouthful ..! aww ..
Den I muz use sucking for there left ..
Went arcade again .. -.- hahas ..
Play Play Play ..
Den when popular .. Brought Ms Tan Cher Day present !
den go home ..
By mrt this time ..
Den reach cwp she going in, cuz her mother's birthday , anyway HappyBirthday !
Say byes to sheena Den went take bus with Hm .. Bus soo long den cum ..
Den on bus cuz ma and Hm not sitting tgt, bus veri squeezing , So we use sms communication -.-
Reach my busstop den go down .. Say byes to Hm ..
When bus go, I saw Hm face .. dunno y sibei funny .. hasas..
Reached home ler and my story ended ! xp . thank thank

Some Pic :

(up)This pic I so ugly BUT I still put up hahas... xP

My shoe .. being throw around ..
Outside water
&& inside water

Sunday, August 10, 2008
Haix ..
Now even kor oso stead ler .. =x
I force him so long he den allow me to see her friendster .. hahas
But who noe, I is aready her friend is friendster .. ?!
Now den I remember , one fine day , Primary 6 when i played audition with Leroy, We met her ..
and now become kor de stead . hahas.
世界 so small !
Saturday, August 9, 2008
Dont sms or call my handphone for this few day .
Cuz it will be in Malaysia .
Not me but my handphone lar ..
But please do start sms-ing me on this Sunday night too .. ! ;D
Happy Birthday Singapore && Mr Chan too ;DD
Friday, August 8, 2008
Showed ErJie the 'show on cruel stage'
she say 'how much ? $15.20? oo .. cheap'
luckily she nvr say ex .. if not comfirm i tio her nag
National day school celebration today ...
hahas .
HaoMing today sooo high lar ..
tear paper .. spray water .. step feets .. sang songs ..
thought quite funny ..
den till e song 'Home'
HaoMing Dominique Benjamin
When they sang till song they all go shout at me 'home' lar ..
superrr loud ..
They do it again and again ..
my ear like bursting ler ..
Den Sonia say we all also shout back lor .
the next 'home'
all shout at each other ..
very loud ..
next class people keep looking at us ..
think we sot liao
den the rest of the song we over there shouting the last word ..
Even the national anthem ..
Dominique over there zhao xia .. hahas
After e celebrating ..
when everyone leaving the hall ler gt one cher call 4 classes to stay back ..
I tot the cher call us stay back cuz we shouting just now ..
But .. hhas, is cuz gt people throwing paper .. chey
luckily nvr throw till itg ..
if not we oso will throw to others and b in trouble ..

After school went cwp with esther ..
at first say want to go suntect city but i dun wan so nvr go ..
Met Erica and walk tgt ..
Went comicconnection
Go foodcourt ate ..
Saw the guys .. -.-
Erica say CHR aready have their co camp ler..
Shop around a while
Den i go CD shop brought
"残酷舞台" / "Show On Cruel Stage" !!
hehe ..

Go library .. so guai ..
go there blow aircon? ..
Den Erica lend me this comic - "S.A" look nice ..
stay till 1hour den go back ler..
Wait for Esther's mum..
Saw yiying theyy all ..
Den if Im not wrong Adam waved to me ..
But I dunno ..!
Luckily I got nod my head .. hope he saw bahx ..
den jiu went home lehx ..
Thursday, August 7, 2008
Just went downstair to rent DVD ..
wakakaka .
rent ratatouille and L change the world ..
total $9 ..
haix ..

Tml co practice I sit alone .. TT
cuz partner JiaYi gt remedial .. YiYing gt e dunno wad thinggi . XueLi gt i think NE tinggi bahx.
Den esther and christine sitt far far behind .. haix.
Haix ..
Why me ..
I wonder ..
not popular
not chio
not smart
not nice
not cool
there is just too many not !
but why still me ..
sometime I really think this is just a prank ..
Or izzit just that I have think too much ?
Or maybe its ur foolishness to like me ..
You say it once again ..
But this time I really dunno how should I react to it ..
Wednesday, August 6, 2008
Did something childish with haoming ..
cant say . wait that person come kill us .
He really must take a long time to delete everything bahx .. hahas.
so sry . =p

did an experiment with ErJie ..
but it failed ..
cuz i keep on laughing .. ><
haix. so i change become I test erjie.
But also failed !
ahahas .
Sore throat !!!!
Eating potatochip jus now. thought it wonldnt b so zhun to hav sore thorat ...
argg.. but feel a bit pain ler..
keep on drink water but still no use..!!
In the end the cupcakes i ate 2, mama ate 1, erjie ate 1 ( qi ji that she will eat! ) .. den 1 missing ! ..
I think papa ate away ler .. hahahas .

eeee !
Took back my chemistry paper ler ..
&& very angry cuz the key I go write atom instead of electron !
arggg .. I everytime write electron de ehx .. but dunno why on that moment I go write atom ..
Like tat 2 marks gone ler ..
If not I can gt 19and a half/20 lor .. haix !

Got ppl say I look veri noob with my fringe pin up ..
lol ..
of cuz will look noob ..
I oso wan to let it down de ma.
But if gt 2 choices : fringe being cut ugly-ly by Miss Yong OR Being say look veri noob by friends ..
I rather stick to the second one lor ..
Cannot take my fringe for risk .. hahas . lame
Tuesday, August 5, 2008
Baked cup cake today !
Thats the first dish that i would be looking forward to eat .. !
It turn out quite nice ..
hahas .
A lot friends and seniors say all can smell the cup cake when baking from 3rd and 4th floor .. its just too nice !
Victoria .. hahas , she break the egg outside the bowl instead of inside the bowl .. -.- then their grp nid to ask for one more egg .. hahahas
I brought home 5 .. ate oone ..
But .. haix .. no one in my family eat !! they only ask bout the recipe .. -.-
So sad .. nvm den !! No one appreciate it BUT I appreciate ..
My right hand is so painful lar ..
even if i just click the mouse or type a word I also can feel the pain .. So 酸 ..
Is either the nerve or I dunno what .. x=
Even the skin below the index finger is like 破皮 ler .. and inside so pain lar
I think is cuz I try use too much strength when pulling ErHu ..

Finally today we completed the whole song without stopping .. =))
They say there is going to be a co camp on 29th this month ..
29th ??? teachers' day celebration ???
I wan to go back Qihua de lar .. !!!
Think if there is really a camp and no time go back pri sch den no choice must pass to others to help me pass to all the cher ..
But gt 预感 that they will change the date .
nvm .
Monday, August 4, 2008
Relised that there are so many movies I havent watch yet . !

Rented 'National Treasure 2' DVD last night.
& of cuz watch it .
Wlao, when go in the shop i saw sooooooooooo many movies i havent watch yet lar..
One day I must rent all and watch all ..

Today was quite a pleasant day ..
Sonia arhx Sonia ..
When can ur mind think straight ??
aiyoooyooo ..
I only pointed at myself and u there laughing .. Thought Im oso .. ><
At first I didn't know what you are laughing of till suddenly it poke out of my mind ..
Aiyooo .. haix ..
u hor, wu yao ke jiu ah ..
Hahas .
Sunday, August 3, 2008
Kor test me this joke last night ..

"cong qian you zhi niu
niu qian you ge ren
niu hou you shen me?"

trying it ..
its actually very damn sibei easy one ...
Although I didnt gt it .. ><
Or you can say i am too lazy to go guess so just asked for the ans ..

I drew this (with e help of dajie and erjie).. =))
JT = Jocelyn Tee
But still gt quite low marks ..
cher say the more complicated it is, the higher mark we will get ..
haix. i should juz anihow draw den can get high mark ler .

Had a FULL breakfast today !
& Im stilling eating now ..
Gonna visit xiaoguzhang this afternoon ..
Hope he is feelin better bahx ..
Saturday, August 2, 2008
JinHao dun 误会 k .. =))
hahahas ..
I wont lie to you de lar ..
i zhen de dun like anyone ..
Somemore I like him as a friend de lar.
Just like everyone ..
Haix ..
Another pair of friend fall out with each other .. !
I go any where oso got this problem ..
haix ..
Nvm, as I see, not more den 1 month they ok ler bahx ..

Gonna have camp ..!
On 21st-23rd Nov ..
Its a MUST go one ..
Get uesd to my sit ler ..
Last time got Sonia there to chat play cheer laugh with me ..
Thought she is still sitting near but its quite hard to talk to each other ..
But at least now got HaoMing sitting behide-next .. Everytime call me and say something funny .. At least got cheer me up
Den got KaiHong and Fitri beside and infront ..
I must really say they cheered me up a lot too ..
Fitri with those nicknamess, 'hi cher';'look look look' (which I always gt trick ><) and wad 'seventeen and the half' and 'doraemon' song .. hahas
KaiHong oso with those nicknamess and e doraemon sound effect ..
Many more funny things too during lesson ..
Friday, August 1, 2008
Everything is falling apart.

Compare to the starting of this year, where 1itg gals is so united .. but look at it now .. everything have changed ..

Suddenly remember my best BUDDY.
.. for more den 6years .. I have never ever fought with her before..
As when there is a objection or disagreement going between us, we will always put ourselves in each other shoe ..
& I know I always say lots of lame things before you
Thanks for tolerating my foolishness ..
realised that there is really a ep on xiao zhu de brithday ..
sry for anyhow say kaihong anyhow say ..
I want to straighten my hair .. !
only the back part .. leaving the fringe untouch ..
But think mama dun allow me ..
She will say what "will harm your hair de..!"
My ErHu outer string sound guai guai de ..
Nothing special happened today ..
The whole afternoon is super sian lar ..

Suddenly this thinking came my head
No one i know is fit to say themselves emo ..
Those real emo kids
cuts themselves
wear black the whole time
doesn't talk to anyone at all
drew makeups with black all over their face . esp near the eye .
Do anyone I know dose that..?
No lor ..
Nvm .. Im just being lame again ..
These are just my opinion
If you disagree with anything
Thats your problem

Jocelyn Tee

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