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Tuesday, September 30, 2008
Friday ; 26 Sep

English exam .. hate the passage 2 ..
Quite hard, what meat ant what lion ant .
Read till blur blur lar

Saturday ; 27 Sep

Saturday ..!
But still need go cat class .
Aunty Monica asked who got go up on stage last Sunday .
She keep on pointing me and say is it me.
I only answer question but never go up stage.
I say not me.
She say oh, then after that she ask is it me again -.-
Got my duty ler !
Every Sunday evening mass .

Sunday ; 28 Sep

Small family war last night .
Over the same old thing .
Mummy when out with her friends.
So me and papa had to go ta bao
Went err, dunno call wad place.
aye, the same way as going to the church lar.
When going back Sheena smsed me,
Said she saw me , say hello to me but I didn't notice . =x

Evening came and off the church for my duty .
Papa pleased Mummy to tag along. x= hahahas
Den Mummy came lor.
&& I'm the AV Members That day on duty de sec1 is almost all from my class .
Its on the second floor !
the place is all belong to us ! unless its special day and the church is too full den people will come up lor.
The mic part look quite complicated to me.
The slide during our Father I press de lehx . hahas.
and that day was Fr. Terence hosting the mass .
Stress . Stress .
What we do up there, he say see all clearly from down stair.
Rebecca said she press wrong den she can sense Fr. Terence staring at her .. hahas
When KFC for dinner ..

Monday ; 29 Sep

Geo ! I just want to dig a grave for me to die inside right now .

After exam went Esther's house with Sonia, to take something.
Aww, on the way I said one thing, that Sonia hor, will suan back double lar .
LOL ..

Tuesday ; 30 Sep

Received a email from Mr Louis ..

Fr. Terence has called for an important AV meeting on 5th Oct at 4.30pm in St. Paul's Room
All current and New AV members must attend, Fr. Terence will be the Host.

Waa, die die die, Fr. Terence will be the host ..

Went JB with mummy and popo for lunch and visit cousin ..
But cousin not at home, went school, oni da jiu mu ..
Went pump oil before going back, saw 舅舅's car .
such a coincidence .. && popo became so high when saw her own child, living together with her de some more -.-
say hi to 舅舅 den go separate way although also going back Singapore ..

Wednesday ; 1 Oct

Selamat Hari Raya =))
Happy Children Day =))

Thursday ; 2 Oct

Normal lesson.
Realised that there is Math lesson today.
But I didn't do the homework !
Rushed when eating breakfast.
Go school, Miss Wong never come school.
So took the time to do finish math homework.
&& Read up History ..

Art; did some millionaire thinggi .-.-
Fitri damn funny lar.
Cuz we sat in front.
He said wad first round Aaron stand up, block other group.
Follow by the others, Then he pointed to Sonia , said something like "ah, cannot cannot this one too short" LOL
For the second last question, we used the 50:50 thinggi .
But even after given the 50:50, we still get it wrong !
LOL lar ..
We took picture for the art.
LOL, ours like shit ler lar.
But we still 死马当活马医 .. =x

Friday ; 3 Oct

Maths was hard ..

3marks fly away for leaving it blank ..
10marks fly away for anyhow do
waa.. fail paper 1 for sure lar .

- D Gray Man -
last episode ler
last episode ler ?!
means finish ler ?!?!
aww .. why finish ?! why end it ?! Its so nice lar !
aww .. D Gray Man rocks lar ..

Siao siao benjamin suddenly called me and say siao siao things .. -.-

Saturday ; 4 Oct


Sunday ; 5 Oct

Ahh ..
Feel so terrible now !
wlao ehx .!
super pain lar ! cannot ta han ler la .

Having a hard time ..

Me and ErJie Cant go for dinner wher popo intend to treat us .. only Papa mummy and DaJie went .
Cuz both not feelin well ..
Had our dinner at home alone .

Monday ; 6 Oct

Math paper 2 was much much more easier den paper 1 !
It went on so smoothly ..

Calvin suddenly tell me he got the power .... to control his cat class group fate !
LOL ..
hahahas .

Tuesday ; 7 Oct

Exam ended at 12.30 ..

had to settle my lunch myself .
Went 883 .. deciede to ta bao MEE SOTO ..
From all the mee soto I ate, Qihua's mee soto is the best lar .
Come out coffee shop saw YongAik talking on phone ..
本来要假装不认识走掉 .. >.<
but I think he called me .
I turned and saw Yuying wor .. hahs.
She was with her friends, YongAik and Mike .. LOL
Shocked to saw them there .
Mike called me sit down, I think is cuz the dish thinggi is there den he asked me sit down .. -.-
But I didn't sit down of cuz lar .
talk a while, but I had to go back ler so, I left lor.
&& YongAik say byebye to me wor .. super shocked lar. hha

Wednesday ; 8 Oct

Chemistry wass ......
everything went smooth till I reach the last question
Stuck there for almost 20mins .. squeez all my brain juices still no use .. && I wrote rubbish there ..

Last paper, wahaha!!

After chemistry paper, walked home with Esther&&YiyingLaoopoo ..
Esther came my house . .
Said study but inthe end we oni touch on the first topic .. =x
Ate lunch, watching HellBoy 2 with daJie ..
Wow , Esther really have a big diet man .
Played wth the IceCrusher ..
&& Watched "Pan Kun and James"
That video so cute lar !
we even played some lame games too ..

Thursday ; 9 Oct

Going out ler .. ! yeaah .
Thursday, September 25, 2008
Gonna be my last post till 9 of Oct ..
Really need to study hard lar.
cannot 辜负 my parents.
Must show them that I can still get good grades even if I go online everyday.

Just finish my Chinese exam about 3 hrs ago.
It wasn't as easy as I though.

1 subject CLEAR .
Left 9 more ..

English for tomorrow.
Don't know what else to study other than memorising the phrase and format.

GoodLucks `!~
Tuesday, September 23, 2008
Idiot guy .
spoiled my mood lar !
Stop behaving like a stalker lar !
Fuck off can or not.

Superr moodless now lar .
Stupid guy make me so fan .
Dont even know who you are lar .
What the hell are you trying to do ?
Sunday, September 21, 2008
Im back !
From sakura . =)

okies, ..today .

Went chuuch at 1.15 ..
for a workshop ..
hahas, the sec 2 are mad ( thats wad Fr. Terence said too okay )
But they are funny !
received a chain msg from Diana, den from Calvin
But Calvin was just like sitting somehow beside in front of me .
hahas, so I sent back .

After that he smsed say he dont understand almost ahlf of the msg (cuz its in chinese).. LOL
Den still sent the msg . hahahas

Came back home and head for Sakura .. !
hehes .
Ate my favorite raw salmon for sure !

The root top .

Me and ErJie .. KaJiao her when she is undo-ing her makeup .. =p

Woot !
80% going Sakura restaurants ltr on for dinner !
Love that restaurants the most lar !
Awww ...
Didnt go Church for mass yesterday .
Suppose to go today .
But I over slept -.-
Papa look a bit angry . =x

Saturday, September 20, 2008
Study study today .

Shall not elaborate more
For more information, refer to Sheena or Shermain blog bahx.

Being squeez in a hamburger ..
If I can choose, I would still want to be the middle .

Ahahas, just read a story called "Believe In You"
half way more ..
Tags Reply

Haoming : ZZ thanks for your tag ! -.-
Sheena : Yea! It took me such a long time to find one and edit it lar ! hahas
Diana : thanks ! on yea, still remember that sentance . But I know that it isnt refering to me .
Jinhao : Thanks !
Friday, September 19, 2008
I wanna watch Camp Rock lar !
aiye ..
Thursday, September 18, 2008
Those secondary 1 erhu,
Please pay attention during da zhu .
I really REALLY will appreciate it.
ok, close your mouth whenever it start.
Its an easy task.
Everyone is doing it, only you all .
WeiLaoShi already gave us time to rest ..
Get yourselves to know when to talk and when not to talk please .
Even seniors are irritated by you all .
Sorry if I have annoy you by callin you to keep quiet just now.
Hope you will understand how 为难 i will be.
Wednesday, September 17, 2008
Go Watch/Listen to this !


Interesting . !

Make sure you listen with your headphone or earpiece !
If not you will not get the effect . !

It really freak me out .. I felt that the person is really behide me lar ..

普通朋友 : 半夜会找妳打 MSN 聊天到很晚。
男朋友 : 半夜看妳还在 MSN 上会赶你下线(当然妳可以柪个几分钟)。

普通朋友 : 他會找你出去玩,叫妳放棄報告或翹課。
男朋友 : 他会催妳快写作业,或者想要跟你讨论功课。

普通朋友 : 在你生病时,会讲好话关心妳。
男朋友 : 在你生病时,他会关心到你很烦,而且逼你去看医生。

普通朋友 : 他会尽量说好话来讨好妳,妳会觉得他很棒。
男朋友 : 他所说的话,都是关心妳的!但通常像是在命令妳,妳会觉得他干麻这么做。

普通朋友 : 他什么事情都会配合着你,只要你高兴。
男朋友 : 他会帮你辨别是非,但你会觉得他管太多。

普通朋友 : 他会说他要给你最大的幸福。
男朋友 : 他只能给你保证,妳跟他在一起,他是最快乐的。

普通朋友 : 他会帮你买消夜,送宵夜,载你上下课。
男朋友 : 他会帮你买宵夜,不过他会提醒你,吃什么比较健康。 他会载你上下课,不过要他有顺路,因为他不能为你而翘课。 因为他翘课,他成绩便会不好,成绩不好不会有好工作。 那你们将来日子怎么会好过,他会想的很远。

普通朋友 : 他只有想到现在。
男朋友 : 他已经预见将来,该怎么自我努力,好给你幸福。

Still got a lot others type de . but lazy to copy paste.
this thing, some say touching ..
But to me, this thing is too far ler .. think a lot for the future.
Cuz I still young, so no really think this is good ..
Aye ..
This saturday Cat class changed to Sunday
on how to pray .. 3 hrs, comfirm gonna say all the chim chim de.
Calvin say he using his choir as an EXCUSE ..
soo good soo good .
Something make ERJIE veri uneasy .
ahahas ..
Me also a bit.
Lucky morning I go school with ZOEY de .
But ERJIE alone ..
I tried cooking my HomeEcon ..
Its .. okok lar ..
But I cooked a lot .
And somemore its Rice and Alternative de ..
All eat till sooooooo full lar.
Den still gt a few left .
Waa .
Left there for 15min but still no one touch .
Lucky in the end ERJIE ate it !
Supperr cute lar my toddle cousins ..
They came my house
e smaller (bout 2yrold) one keep on wanting to wear e 'new brought' clothes but my grandma dont let her, cuz she not sweating at all ..
But my cousin insisted
hahas .
Oldest and the youngest fighting .
Guess my grandma lose .
She said 'ok lar ok lar . ltr den i let you wear'
cousin say 'Yay ~~' in a very very soft cute soft cute voice ..

Lucky Ms Ng nvr cum today .
If not I will not have enought time to study my Geo .
Geo and chem test test test .
Everyone look a bit of tired and blur after each test.
Tuesday, September 16, 2008
LOL ..
Papa so cute lar !! hahas
Yesterday --

Felt my table vibrating o.O
Realised its Fitri calling my hp ..
Looked at him and he gave me an innocence face again -.-
Sms-ed him and he reply sry to me .
A while ltr he called my hp AGAIN
Den he sent a msg say "this msg is for you to delete" -.- ~~~
ahahas ..

Today --

HomeEcon go through test
Recess wen library with Esther&Shermain
Though I am hungry .. hehes
History SUPER boring .
Mdm maria (how spell arhx?) making me to dislike her more lar ..
Lit do the Jingle thinggi .
Geo gt test .. Going to have another Geo test tml .
Eng summary test .
HomePeriod also boring .

ErHu --

XuLaoShi Birthday cuming . !
So the Sec4 seniors came today .
To celebrate for her .
Brought cake drinks and blablabla .
think is sec 2 make a card and everyone wrote something inside .
But I the one pass to XLS .

After sec4 left and we began our test .
Wow. the sec2 was pro lar !
Sec one oni XinLei and YiYingLaoopoo tio test again .
So I lian so hard for this and nvr test me .
I rather wan her test me . =x

After CO still nid stay back .
To count the number of ErHu ..
But gt some not inside lehx.
Called e ppl .
Oni LiYing ans ..
XiangBei and ZiXiang wont ans de lor.
Esp XiangBei .

Walking home at bout 6.40pm .
Heard someone playing "Musician" !!
Waa ..
That song so popular wor .
Monday, September 15, 2008
Found this on a newspaper article

*What is a CRUSH ?

A crush, unlike a
relationship, is a
one-sided affair. You feel
a strong attraction to
someone you barely
know, for reasons you
hardly understand. A
crush is a fantasy of love.
Cut some sentences --
"Teens, in general, shy away from discussing it because they feel awakward about their emotions."
"There are some of us who would prefer to lead a life from having to think of getting serious about relationships yet"
"While some openly declared their emotions to their crushes, others, mostly girls, kept it a secret. Those who did keep it a secret commonly said they didnt want to be hurt, or were afraid it would ture the person off."
"It might not be a bad idea to let your feelings be known."
"It can even lead you to do some pretty silly things just so you can get your crush's attention."
"With such high expectations, rejection can lead teens into morose atate for months."
-*"There's always something you can learn from your experience. The pain will go away and you will become more informed and more intelligent about picking the right person for yourself."
Hehehe ..

Its Midautumn Festival yesterday ..
But did nothing ..
Till out at night 7.45, YuyingBUDDY called me ..
Go down pei her .. PLAY .
though I still all the homework undone .
But I still go down .. -.-
In the end go FuShan play .. wakaka .
The circle circle part ..
A lot ppl there wor .
All playing candles and fire thinggi .
&& I still saw fireman & policeman walking around .. ! LOL
So we called Zoey down .
And we played played played .
Tried to take picture .
But we all look like ghost inside lar ! ahahas.
Zoey keep on making fire with paper ..
I keep on callin her to stop thought my hand was also throwing the candles into the fire . =X
In the end we den relised that we burning the floor ( playground rubber floor ) -.-
Me and Zoey soooooo idiot lar . over there blow blow . =X
Some more laughing mean while . no gas liao ..
That si yy over there laughing . wont help .
den she use her shoe
& accidentally her threw her shoe into ther fire !
But she go take out .
hai .
Make me no show watch.
Den she save the fire hhas .
Saw some evg de sec4 playing .. not candle
But hide-and-seek -.-

Candle inside a hole =))

My name (JOC)

Candles in a row ..Me and Yuying .. She just cant stay still in every pictures ! hahhas

Sunday, September 14, 2008
Just created a private blog.
Didnt intend to invite anyone ..
Takin it as my diary ..
Wher I can vent off .

Slack with ErJie on friday night .
Saturday Morning while watchin TV ,
saw someone walking pass ..
so 惊讶 ..
She accompany her friend, which is also my neighbour , home ..
Now den I know my neighbour is play cello de .. o.O
Now my floor gt 2 is CO and 2 is RCY ..
nvm .

Next week Fr Terence gonna conduct the cat class lesson .. T.T

Calvin start his Attachment (choir) liao ler !! Today !
wahahahas !! sing sing sing .
I havent even start mine lor .
Must find a chance to go Sunday mass instead of Saturday .
To see him sing !! ahahaha .
Friday, September 12, 2008
My first ErHu grade exam ..
Actually wan to pay e fee myself ..
Dun wan take from parents .
Cuz its my first erhu exam .
Sent the cheque ler .
But in the end Papa go giv me the fee money ..
D Gray Man rox lar !
Soo cute ~ lar my last year class .
Go put powerpuff girl de song in classblog . hahahas ..

Didnt post yesterday .. thought I got on9 ..
Cuz lazy =x

Watched 'Meet Dave' yesterday night .
Not in cinema ..
DaJie gt the show from her friend ..
Movie quite funny but a bit stupid .

Yesterday durning Math lesson ..
That HM and HongChye keep on saying
"Aaron ni hao shuai orhx" / "Aaron hao shuai orhx"
"Aaron ni hao sexy orhx" / "Aaron hao sexy orhx"
Etc . Etc .
Make Aaron ruan diao . hahas
But aiyoo, like that only .. also will ruan diao .

Today ..
Shall just skip all the way to the last lesson .
Our group gt win for the .. riddles wor ..
We got a lot qns wrong .. But also can win ..
Somemore got one qns is we write wrong den still get correct de .. -.-
Got a moon cake ..
Si HM go 压 my moon cake ..

Got back results list ..
all pass .
But oni a few A1
Wednesday, September 10, 2008
ErrrrrHuuuu ...

Happy Birthday QianHui Senior =)
Drop my Coins from my pouch today .. 3 TIMES ..
1 before The boys in front of classroom door . They go pick up .. i tot they they are not going to giv back me .. o.O they did giv back .
Another 1 before office .
Last one, forgot wher ler .. but drop when wif EstherMeimei ..
HM still some more ask me to drop more .. -.-

Chemistry lesson, Will-i-am performed flute ..
I tot he is gonna perform some thing Chim ..
Who know is Birthday song .. -.-
He choose DianaMEI to perform next !
MEI so unlucky lar ..
Hope she not going to choose any girls next ..
After School, me and Esther want to practice on ErHu soo badly lar .. dunno why .
But my house and her house not 方便 ..
In the end still go Esther house ..
cuz ..........
Yea .. I can memorise ShenJiDeMa && NanNiWai ler !

Esther know how play "musician" by piano ler .. NiceNice .

bout 5 plus we tgt go 883 buy hmmm .. dunno call wad. =x
Den oso brought bubbletea .. drink walk drink walk .
ErHu so heavy lar ..
Cuz I stuff a lor things inside . =x

Next tuesday a lot ppl gonna be test on the grade song ..
Even some seniors too .
GoodLucks !
Tuesday, September 9, 2008
Had a long day today ..

Went school earl early today .
To study HomeEcon Test ..
Damnn angry lar , I go study ALL the advantages and disadvantages ; boiling, steaming, baking, etc. etc.
Yet oni 1 qns bout that came out ..
Some more got one a lot mark de qns,before that I still tell myself wont come out this qns de,
Kao, really come out .
After that show our recipes to cher .

Recess time, ate something I nvr eat before de ..

History cher no come .

Geo did revision

Eng did summary

Home Period ..
We played game .. ?
lol lar, some more is Ms Wong own self suggest de .. o.O
Played I think, Bang game .. ??
For a while oni .

After school cannot go eat lunch, cuz got math supplementary .
Till 3pm, cher early released wor .
Rush to 4caring classroom to put erhu ..
Told seniors we go eat lunch first ..

Eat finish come back liao, wow, everyone there ler .. o.O
Then XuLaoShi say she going to test us again ... !
This time 2 song . Seng Ji De Ma && Ni Ya Wai ...
Our grade examination songs ..
She called me write the sec1 name on th board,
Who first who last I decided .. muhahahas .
But I not soo bad lar,
So I go according to the Attendance list ..
YiyingLaoopoo first! Me number 6 =P
But we ALL nvr practice NiYaWai before .. die die
Totally is stranger to the song ..

Cher call out for Laoopoo ... waahhx .
But suddenly cher gt phone call,
go out lor .. hahas,
So we faster go touch on the song .
Bout 20min den she came back ..

Den Yiying go,
OhShit I tot is the same as last time,
wher everyone carries on with their work and we just play to cher,
Who know this this is EVERYONE stop their work and look at you ..
including the Seniors lar !
Total silent .. Oni your music ..
1 by 1 go ..
before me is EstherMeimei . I super nervous lar . heart pumping out ..
Den my turn .. Waa, see cher I almost fa duo .. x=
Play pull play pull .. Whooo .. I passed .

YiyingLaoopoo dun sad k ..
Give yourself a good moment to think carefully bahx ..
Be happy =))

Thanks QianHui seniors to help me gt SongXiang .. =)

SheenaMeimei, Tkcares ! =)
Monday, September 8, 2008
U kiddin me ??? my Erhu play well ?!
LOL ! who say de ??

Aww .. ! I gt sooo many song I want now lar !!
Can take from korkor but he nvr on9 lehx .. plus 1 song 1 choco .. 不划算 .. hahas
anyone can help me take songss ?? o.O

Morning .. bout jus wake up .
Saw DianaMeiMei's number callin my hp ..
Sleepy sleepy pick up .. WAA ..
吓到 lar .. JinHao de vioce come out .
He say he sick . want me ask Victoria help him take homework .
hang out ler den I was thinking .. If you are using diana's no. means she is beside you . den why nid to call me instead of just tell her ? same class wad .

Go school ask Diana .. She say she nvr lend JH her hp ..
Den I go check my phone log .. Really gt her number called me lehx ..
So go check izzit I put her number and JH number wrongly ..
Check ler she say correct ..
ehx ????
But she say she didnt lend JH her phone .. LOL
ok .. it freak me out .
Anyway, JH, get well soon =)

This guy hor .. gt ____ oso nvr tell me . but gt tell other ppl.
Den that person tell me den i know .. dun treat me as friend izzit . hahas
Actually want to play a joke with him but tat person say he dunwan anione else to noe ..
ok .. I'll jus pretent that I dunno yet bahx .. hahas . but why nvr tell me u gt ____ ?? hahas
有什么不可告人的秘密吗? hahas
Sunday, September 7, 2008
Dont ever open your mouth when eating ..
Not even a bit open ..
Esp those food with juice ..

Papa brought ornei-ornei .. (dunno how spell) for the sake of my homeecon project.
I was trying to turn the ornei-ornei inside my mouth .
Den I go bite .. Wakao , relised some juice 喷出来 ..
And land on my homework ! shit lar !
But I playing game that moment ..
So I just leave it there first .. -.-

Left bit and pieces of my homework not done yet .
didnt intend to do, waiting for ans to poke out tml .

Calvin say he going for the mother mary procession later on .
Didnt heard bout it lar .. no one tell me anithng .
But its at novena de church . o.O
Comfirm a lot ppl going .. Cuz he say he going 3hrs early ..
to book place ? hahahas jkjkjk
Saturday, September 6, 2008
Aww .. feel so dizzy now ..
Yesterday whole morning play computer till afternoon .
Afternoon play PSP till evening .
Evening watch TV till late night ..
No wonder will dizzy .
But afternoon I gt go fushan a while to pass homework to HaoMing . He playing bball with JinHao ..
HM say I wear that nice. WA ..
Very 奇迹 he said this

My mind now keep on flowing with Twilight ..
Basically This movie is about :
When Bella's mother remarries and sends her to live with her father in the little town of Forks, Washington, she meets the mysterious and dazzlingly beautiful Edward Cullen - a boy unlike any she's ever met. Intelligent and witty, he sees straight into her soul. Soon, Bella and Edward are swept up in a passionate and decidedly unorthodox romance, for Edward is a vampire. But he doesn't have fangs, and he doesn't drink human blood, as Edward and his family are unique among vampires in their lifestyle choice. To Edward, Bella is that thing he has waited 90 years for - a soul mate. But the closer they get, the more Edward must struggle to resist the primal pull of her scent, which could send him into an uncontrollable frenzy.
Friday, September 5, 2008
Morning wake up early go CO practice again ..
This practice extra de lor, is instructor requested for it de ..
Lian dao 12 ..
Esther came my house at bout 2 to do homwwork ..
wahahas . lucky she came.
If not my math homework comfirm blank de.
Cuz Im very luan bout the SA topic ..
Do do do ..
Bout 1 hr ltr, she took my hp play games .. lol
So I took her PSP play lor .
wth lar, suppose to do homework .
So faster put the games down and continue do .
wow, all that is suppose to do de is done ler, others dunno de go school copy . =x
On computer to do NE math ..
wahaha, all so easy to do ..
so, esther go find blogskin while I continue to play PSP ..
Den Popo, Er jiu mu & jian sheng, came .
I took some PSP games from esther's PSP
But when want put into mine PSP, JianSheng playing with it ler .

Esther den go home .
den we go celebrate DaJie birthday ..
All eat till very full ler ..
Hu knows the dessert come .. Longan
I gt 4 longan at first ..
But ErJie passed me 1 , DaJie passed me 2 , Mummy passed me 2
Awww ..
I 硬硬 eat ..
aw, feel like dieing .

Thursday, September 4, 2008
Wednesday, September 3, 2008
haix. watch 天国的阶梯 again .. 4th time ler !
Cuz Mummy LOVE that show a lot ..
Everytime she watched I will also 顺便 watch with her =p
2 times on CD 2 times on TV ..
But no matter wad also wont boring de lehx. dunno why
But the show dammn touching lar !
Did I cried ? forgot liao .
But very sad .
Counted that I went out with Yuying&&Miketoday
They are lame but very funny ! ;D

Woke up at 9.30am ..
Washed up myself and eatin my breakfast
Den yuying called ..
She asked me want go out eat breakfast with her ..
lol .. I was already about to eat finish my breakfast ler .
But since so long havent meet up so dun wan to miss the chance
Rush to cwp ( rush again? )
Met yy .. tgt go eat breakfast ..
talk talk talk
I ate XiaoLongBao♥♥ !
Brought a fruit juice .. e name so lame lar .. hahas
DEn met Mike outside timezone .
He change is got change lar .. but not a lot
But his funny attitude is still there -.-
take 911 go ..
wen crossing the road ..
they two suddenly become very lame .
soooo funny !
Mike came up with all the wad 妈妈 say .. very serious face ..
den YY will like nvm nvm , acting like his 妈妈 hahas .
YY cant even define a kangaroo with a deer .. -.-
Den we go land play ! whoo ..
Located at woodlandscenter .
First time go that side de land ..
(still like DhobyGhaut de bunk better =x)
Me and YY play audi .!
Damnn long time nvr play ler .. rusty liao
Mike play gunz .
Playplayplay ..
$$ finishing ler .
Go top up ..
ohya, aww . forgot to take $2 fr Mike .
till 3pm den we stopped ..
Cuz Mike suddenly say he nid meet someone ..
tgt all go back to cwp ..
On the bus sooo funny lar ! hahas
Keep on laughin .
Wadever wad YY said Mike will 顶 back .. wahahas.
though all he 顶 de is facts ..
He go act till serious den very funny lar ..
make me and YY stomach pain .
k, cwp, finding that gal mike meeting.
think they are online friend . cuz he dunno how she look like lar !
Over there talking bout the apprance ..
likie, wad if got 4 hands ?
kisiao want ..
YY go act act like wad if the 4hands go catch me ? -.-
Den mike will nvmnvm, me and jocelyn will bring u to hospital but no matter wad you will die de cuz ..........
OH yes tat mike , he still say my name as jo-ce-lyn .. -.- aww
but i nvr correct him, cuz lazy ler .
Met tat gal ler, waa he & tat gal walk one way me and yy walk another way ..
So we wentbuy bubble tea .. den sushi .. den earring .. den go popular ..
Den.. go home .. =))
Cuz morning I 一声不响 jiu went out house ler ..
Den mummy called .. so nid go home.
tml DaJie's birthday ..
Think not gonna celebrate .. cuz nvr hear anythin bout it .
Since she has been celebrating with diff friends from sunday to today ..
On that actually day dun eat can lar .. =x JK

Found something .. make me a little bit more angry bout that thing .. haix .
Tuesday, September 2, 2008
Just read Mingming's post .
She comment on a movie call '4bia'
A horror movie ..
Sound quite nice and .. scary ?
But I think havent scene in Singapore yet bahx ..
Mayb will have a chance to watch when the time comes .
Stomachache !
aww .. feel so miserable ..
Didnt really know where went wrong .
JinHao call me go eat painkiller ..
But wads the appreance of painkiller arhx ?
So didnt manage to find the mac ..
Or do I have that mac at home in the first place ?
The pain came again at about 5am bahx .
I was turning left and right ..
Just couldnt find a nice spot that can make me dont think about the pain ..
feelin soo cold . forced myself to sleep after 30 min
Alarm rang as usual ..
But I pressed it off and tell it, wait wait .. -.- lame me
Suppose to reach school at 8.45
But 8.30 den I woke up ..
late late ..
Rush .. change .. pack .. gt ready
( Why am I rushing all this day ? )
Take my breakfast and eat as I walk
Tell Esther I will be late so dont wait for me ..
Hu knows reach sch ler .. Esther more late den me .. -.-
Instructor cut out a lot part of the song .. haix .
The song doesnt sound as intersting as before ler .
&& my stomach is still aching !
aww .
Monday, September 1, 2008
my 200th post finally ..
Watched Wall-E today !
Together with Shermain, Clara (I think spelt like that bahx .>< ) & Esther
Wall-E soo cuutee lar !

Wen Co practice today ..
Alarm rang,
But my mind went blank, den I was thinking why I put alarm for arhx ?
.. i remembered -.- gt CO
Meet Esther at sidegate ..
As usual she was LATE again .. hahas
gt sectional practice den Da Zhu

After practice rush back home . put on my jacket and went off again ..
Met Yiying at bus stop ..
Saw YuyingBUDDY !!!
So happy lar ! =D
Finally saw her ler . !
She was with Ellina ..
All went cwp tgt but walked separate after that .

2.30, movie strt ..
Sat with Esther .. Ate popcorn =P
Movie finish go library .. Find recipes ..
Shermain and Clara go off not long ..
Left me and Esther ..
Found recipes ler is aready 5.50 ..
Went pasamalam den ..
Brought some side dish den went home eat ..

Relised nowday I dont think before I spent lar !
And after I spent I regreted .. -.-
Must have some reflection ..

Jocelyn Tee

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