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Monday, June 30, 2008
When to Bottle Tree Park for dinner yesterday !!
The food
Super nice
Super delicious
Super Full
Super worth it

After eating still got left bout 2 plates of food almost untouch yet. But everyone is super full liao lor.
took some pic too.. but still got others pic wif sista..

  Wen Shopping !
Went ❤Shopping❤ on 29.06.2008, Sunday ! Which is yesterday. To AMKhub wif sista .. But end up having open hand home -.- .. Super tired lor. walk here walk there.. go in, out, in, out of e shopping centre . But just cant find anything that I like !! I actually wanted to buy a Watch, Shoe and that type of bangle? or handband .. Went for dinner after that ..
Friday, June 27, 2008
Helping with e NE raps(Diana.Serene) to decorate e class today.. only touch on a few things..

Feeling so bad lor. i said out a bu ne shou de mi mi.. hehe.. ahh.. haix. hope no one tell e person bahx.. hahas.

Ahh.. have slight sorethroat. Then dinner Papa still go buy Fried Chicken lor..! donno whether i should eat or not.. hahaas. Den Mama still cook fried fish.. haix..!! Everytime i have soerthroat, most of the time i will get a high fever in e next few days.. Just hope this time wouldnt bahx.. haix..!
Thursday, June 26, 2008
  Why looking at Sonia will make me laugh?
Why just by looking at Sonia will make me laugh??

Whenever i look at Sonia i will 情不自禁 de start laughing .. Even if she just turn back to ask question. Even if she nvr speak. I will just laugh lor..! Somemore is that type of really laugh de. that type that will laugh till stomach pain de.. not fake de lor. Her looking so funny mehx?? Not at all lehx.. I just dunno why i laugh when whenever i saw her.! && she say she laugh whenever she saw me.. really..?. Why we two will laugh when we saw each other.
No More Fun Time Ler!
Miss Wong Changed our sitting arrangement!

Now Sonia not sitting with me ler! Means no one to talk to ler! Althought Charlene is now infront of me now, but she seldom turn back to talk to me! Then KaiHong also changed place.. Means he will talk lesser to HaoMing during lesson time ler, means not fun at all! I agree that With Sonia, JinFang, HaoMing, KaiHong, Fitri and Amos sitting near me is very fun..! But I must say sometime is annoying, but its still fun! Now all sitting separate ler.. Not fun ler..!
  Lollipop By Mika
--Lollipop By Mika--

Hey, what's the big idea?

Yo Mika.

I said,
sucking too hard on your lollipop,
or love's gonna get you down,
I said,
sucking too hard on your lollipop,
or love's gonna get you down.

Sucking too hard on your lollipop,
or love's gonna get you down,
sucking too hard on your lollipop,
or love's gonna get you down.
Say love, say love,
or love's gonna get you down.
say love, say love,
or love's gonna get you down.

I went walking in with my mama one day,
when she warn me what people say,
live your life until love is found,
'cause love's gonna get you down.
Take a look at the girl next door,
she's a player and a down right whore,
Jesus slows up, she wants more,
oh bad girls get you down.

Sucking too hard on your lollipop,
or love's gonna get you down,
sucking too hard on your lollipop,
or love's gonna get you down.
Say love, say love,
or love's gonna get you down.
say love, say love,
or love's gonna get you down.

Mama told me what I should know,
too much candy gonna ride your soul,
if she loves you, let her go,
'cause love only gets you down.
Take a look at the boy like me,
never stood on my own two feet,
now I'm blue, as I can be,
oh love couldn't get me down.

sucking too hard on your lollipop,
or love's gonna get you down,
sucking too hard on your lollipop,
or love's gonna get you down.
Say love, say love,
or love's gonna get you down.
say love, say love,
or love's gonna get you down.

I went walking with my mama one day,
when she warn me what people say,
live your life until love is found,
or love's gonna get you down.

sucking too hard on your lollipop,
or love's gonna get you down,
sucking too hard on your lollipop,
or love's gonna get you down.
Say love (say love), say love (say love),
or love's gonna get you down.
say love (say love), say love (say love),
or love's gonna get you down.

Mama told me what I should know,
too much candy gonna ride your soul,
if she loves you, let her go,
'cause love only gets you down.

Whoa-oh, whoa-oh, whoa-oh, lollipop.
Whoa-oh, whoa-oh, whoa-oh, lollipop.

Sucking too hard on your lollipop,
or love's gonna get you down,
sucking too hard on your lollipop,
or love's gonna get you down

Dont know why I like this song so much.. hahahas, Its so nice!
Wednesday, June 25, 2008
  Nice show!
Just watched "翻滚吧蛋炒饭!"(Rolling love) Ep 1 . Feel so nice lor! Dunno why suddenly feel that 唐禹哲 very shuai.. xD hhahahas. mayb cuz his hairstyle in e show is nice bahx.. hehhe..

Oh ya, one more show. "命中注定我愛你" .. Also nice..!
Today oso gt Geo lesson. After having Ms Yong back, i felt tat my understanding for Geo will be better.
  Do i look like that "leader"?
Ahh.. another things happen again.. Im voted to be Chinese class 班长 ! Im actually being sabo by HaoMing de lor. Then Im still one of those that are incharge of collecting files.. arg.
After school reopen, in total I become Class Vice-chairman, ErHu Sec 1 Leader, Chinese class 班长 and wad wad collect files de ler..
Tuesday, June 24, 2008
  Vice-Chair man?
Im the Vice-Chairman? hmmm.. i tink i will just have to try my best. But most likely, it will change to other people soon ..
  Miss Yong is back..
Ms Yong is back!
I dunno I should have feel sad or happy.
Now once she is back, I think I i will have to REALLY do my Geo Work !
Ms Yong power is huge man! huge till I dun dare not to do her homework..
I don't hate her at all. Its just that she gave me a creepy look that I will die anytime.
Sunday, June 22, 2008
  Did i did it ?!
Chinese Project !!

Only left a few days before holiday finish .. Yet havent touch my Project ! Im suppose to make an advertisement .. on "Spectacles", "Toothpaste" & "Washing Powder" .. So, we girls, Shermain, WenYan and me decided to do on spectacles and washing power. the boys doing on toothpaste.. Cuz we do not have enough time, so we deciede to do a simple flyer. But HaoMing say he dun wanna do, so, e guys not doing lor. will tio scolding 4 sure. I started doing on e Design (which is actually e whole thing bahx..) And i Did i ! in e end i did "spectacles" and "toothpaste" instead.. cuz "washing powder" too hard ler ! haha, i dunno how to do.

They are all written in Chinese.. Of cuz lar, Chinese project ma.. hahass.

  ah! my ear hole!
My Ear Hole !! My Left Ear Hole !! Its Closed AGAIN !! Im totally Argg.. 2 times ler.. 2 times ler !! Always closed.. Still bleed lor.. TT. dun wan to go pierce again ler. waste my $$ some more..
Sunday, June 15, 2008
  Haunted House!!!
When to haunted house today!! At Saint Anthony of Padua. The Huanted House is organised by the Secondary 4. SUPER SCARY!! I scream like siao! At first i thought its should b like childern haunted housee like tat..hahas.. my guessing is ALWAYS wrong.. Here it being..

ME, Bernice and Mehrealyn (i dunno how spell) enter the room,and a ghost(his face is so scary!) lead us, and he was like "come..~c.o.m.e."We keep on turning back cuz we scared someting will appear behide.. We then slowly follow the guy. go into a room. the guy closed the door and i tink he wen back to .. his job? hahas. and We were alone, no, we would not aloone at all.. Its totally dark, i cant even see my finger. omg.. we were like knocking the walls cuz we keep on walking rong way! soo, we walk , walk , den, suddenly saw 2 people standing infornt, wearing old chinese clothings, each taking a lantern (like that type of old chinese movie lor!)and they started to walk, slowly.So we have no choice but to follow.. AND, suddenly, they TURNED back, and RUN past us! and we were like screaming hell lor! And we started running in our direaction Until we came to a door. A group of other ppl had came behind us (I think we really took our time that others catch up xD). So we open the door and saw a lady sitting(wearing old chinese clothings) with a fake baby in her hand. Ahahaha, like that oni, no big deal, we walk in one step and we saw A BODY CRAWLING out. like those type of japan ghost..We scream and quickly close e door. The group of ppl behind suggest they go first.. So they go. open the door, saw e lady and e body, some of them scream too. ! hehe. There is another door right beside the door we opened. But e door is LOCKED. E lady thrown her baby on the floor and started speaking. "Take my baby up~~" SO 1 of e guy ook it up. e lady speak again "Please shaking hand with me~~" While the guy is shaking, I was concerning about e body which is crawling! its jus 5CM apart from ME.. She is lying on e floor, crawling, her haed is very near me.. she touch Bernice's leg, after 3second den Bernice scream! hahas.. den e body turn to me, reaching out her hands, I den say " YOU TOUCH ME, I KICK UR HEAD!" Then e body turned away!! HAHAhahahas!! After that e door finally opened. So we RUN all e way, i keep on feeling hands touch my legs ( Its real hands! all ffrom behind e clothes ) Ghost will suddenly appear or ghst will run all over or ghost will follow behind us.. So many of them! Finally we found the exit! Whoohoo! hahashas..

That is soooooooooooooooooooooooo much more scary and fun then escapeTP de haunted house lor!! ILoveIt!
  Fine day!
Whooo~!!! Came back from Church ler!! our store is quite okk.. Nothing really bad happened.. hmmm.. my story for today arhx..? -.-'' Hahahhaas..

Morning 6am wake up and reach chruch at 7am. Setup the chruch with Frenz.. And our store is on! Bernice's Father came and erm,, help. some of the pictures..:

  wad Jocelyn means!
Found this in one website.. it is - What Jocelyn Tee Jia Le Means

You are fair, honest, and logical. You are a natural leader, and people respect you.You never give up, and you will succeed... even if it takes you a hundred tries.You are rational enough to see every part of a problem. You are great at giving other people advice.

You are well rounded, with a complete perspective on life.You are solid and dependable. You are loyal, and people can count on you.At times, you can be a bit too serious. You tend to put too much pressure on yourself.

You are very open. You communicate well, and you connect with other people easily.You are a naturally creative person. Ideas just flow from your mind.A true chameleon, you are many things at different points in your life. You are very adaptable.

You are friendly, charming, and warm. You get along with almost everyone.You work hard not to rock the boat. Your easy going attitude brings people together.At times, you can be a little flaky and irresponsible. But for the important things, you pull it together.

You are relaxed, chill, and very likely to go with the flow.You are light hearted and accepting. You don't get worked up easily.Well adjusted and incredibly happy, many people wonder what your secret to life is.

You are a free spirit, and you resent anyone who tries to fence you in.You are unpredictable, adventurous, and always a little surprising.You may miss out by not settling down, but you're too busy having fun to care.

You are very intuitive and wise. You understand the world better than most people.You also have a very active imagination. You often get carried away with your thoughts.You are prone to a little paranoia and jealousy. You sometimes go overboard in interpreting signals.

You are a seeker. You often find yourself restless - and you have a lot of questions about life.You tend to travel often, to fairly random locations. You're most comfortable when you're far away from home.You are quite passionate and easily tempted. Your impulses sometimes get you into trouble.

You tend to be pretty tightly wound. It's easy to get you excited... which can be a good or bad thing.You have a lot of enthusiasm, but it fades rather quickly. You don't stick with any one thing for very long.You have the drive to accomplish a lot in a short amount of time. Your biggest problem is making sure you finish the projects you start.

You are usually the best at everything ... you strive for perfection. You are confident, authoritative, and aggressive. You have the classic "Type A" personality.
Friday, June 13, 2008
Hellooo! Going to Church now ler.. helping with e banner.. hahahs.. hmm.. nvm. jus dun care me..
Thursday, June 12, 2008

Nowdays everyday at h.o.m.e. Haix.. A bit sian. Yesterday actually asked YuYing if she can go out today. But she is at camp, so i tot that today she would be very tired then forget bout the going out. So i asked Hillary. Today then she reply, but she is not free.. She say maybe tomorrow. I say see first ba.. This morning when on9, Bernice meimei asked me if Im free tml, which is Friday. She say if i can help out with Feast Day banner. 11am to 5pm. then i ok lor. I quite free wad. Helping out is better then staying at home. && oh ya. Everyone, if you are free on this Sunday, you can go to Chruch of St. Anthony =)) Cuz there will be kind of game and food stores..
Monday, June 9, 2008
  Go watch 偷偷爱着你
Go Watch 偷偷爱着你 !!!
Its superrrrrr niceeee!! Is a jap show.. ahahahas. all shuai ge inside de lor !! plus e show de story sooooo niceeee!! go watch go watch!!
  Ice-skating !
Whooo~!! Ice-skating was fun man ! Althought I went for many times ler. But everytime is always soooo fun ! soo fun so fun so fun ! ok,.. && I did not fall down at all ! Esther felt down 1 time, Charlene felt down 2 times (which was pushed by esther xD). I saw a ex-qihuaian there too.. But we wasnt close. So didnt say anything. Took some pic too. ! =))

Esther's shoe is red in colour.. cuz she is wearing children shoe! her feet too small liao.. hahahas.

Its a it blur. Jus our finger.. =))

Our gloves. Mine is white. Charlene's black. Esther's red.. Is esther trying to b red ridding hood?

Went to Neoprints to took some hmmm , of cuz neoprint..

Sunday, June 8, 2008
  happy birthday charlene !!

Althought today is not yet Charlene's birthday, just wishing her first.. when to her mini party, i should call? Me & Esther met early in the morning and process to her house by 901. Met Charlene, Margaret and some of her frenz. Ate the food prepared by her Mum, it was delicious ! After that some of us watched TV, played Com, played Audi. No group game?? haix.. then charlene said why dont we go to the playground? Den we ok lar.

We played some swing den when to the physical park, ahahahas, got one thing soo nice to play lor, some of us fall till veri ugly xD. Play play play. i suggest me and Esther go for a run. cuz we are wearing normal shirts, a bit hard to run, we took off our shoes and ran.. Ahhh . Toes soooooooo pain !! Plus the floor sooooooo hard & hot ! haix.. Den after that we head back to e swing. Swing till very long. took some picture as well.

Margaret, ur posing is ok.. but, bcuz of Esther, i think vomiting over there, the picture is ruin.

When to brought some cold drinks too..

Then relised something interesting. hehe. waa.. its a performing place i think. e things bething so nice. so cool

Then after that went back and cut cake. hehe.. and played X-box.. keep on losing to CHarlene ! but gt won a few games.

Argg.. rushing to off com ler..

  I did it!!
Oh my Oh my Oh my !! I did it !! Arggg.. I felt smarter man ! A few days ago, i open a erm, i think i should call it a puzzled? hahas. It look something like that

I break it into something like that..Btw, its a circle in the first place..

i thought it should be easy, cuz every pieces should have double so if i put one here, the opposive side should be the same so that it could be a circle. But who knows, i found 1 which does not have it buddy. So I tot i lost 1 of it. But it wasnt. &&, i did it !! phew, it wasnt easy at all.

It looks like this. =))

Friday, June 6, 2008
Oh my, i wasted another 45min to find a suitable blogskin!! But.. i still havent found one!! its driving me crazy .. arggg..
  I felt smarter!
Yeah!! My CO practice had ENDED!!
My holidays has finally STARTED!!
2 weeks of practice finally ended, and i only left 2 weeks of holidays.. Had already done some of my homework ler; math, half done English, half done chemistry.

Yesterday, after CO rain lor! erm die ler, cuz instrument or instrument box cannot touck water plus all our umbrella are so small. YiYing nvr bring umberlla so i have to share with her, Christine share with ZhengWei, Esther alone, gd lor, no nid squeez. haha. wlao, my and YiYing , 2 ppl plus 2 ErHu, comfirm kena wet de.. reach home ler den remember mama and er jie went to JB.. da jie went out, so only papa at home.. dDruing that time thunder was like light that have spoiled, keep on flashing. After that i go bath den went down to eat dinner with papa. came home watch show,, till 8+pm.all the show so sian de lor. So i go off the TV den play PSP.. bout 8.30 i go do homework ler. so guai rite? of cuz. do till they came home. Den ErJie sat down and so her homework with mi. that time i was doing Chemistry. A lot question dunno how to do lor. ErJie say she can help me, so i ok . until one question, no matter how i oso dun understand.. So she took out dont know sec wad de textbook, den she ask me izzit ok if she teach me higher things? den i like, er, er, anithing, den she teach teach teach, i listen listen listen, wahh, suddenly i felt sooo smart. the more she teach the morei felt smarter.. LOL. wwad e am I talking..
Wednesday, June 4, 2008
Awww.. Now super sian.. Nothing to do man! haix.. Wake up, wash up myself, eat breakfast, tried to solve a puzzle but failed cuz too hard liao, on computer, said yoo to LiuQing korkor. then nothing to do liao, HaoMing didi?? hahas, dont know whether should like tat call him mahx.. ok, HaoMing online. then said hi to me, i yoo back, he say wad "i becum season to him ler".. is my english too lan or his english too good? y i dont understand, then he go spam e conversation, so i ignored, he asked me what am i doing, i relised i am doing nothing, i opened a window and dont which website to go, so i go read up blog, read charlene de, then yuying de, saw yuying post, she done a quiz, 100 question de, i read read read, read till sian liao, cuz 100 question too long.., closed the window, deciede to listen to song, suddenly feel like listening to "tabidachi uta no" so went to tudou and found, den listen, den sunddenly feel like listening to "彩虹", so went to look for it, listen for a while den haoming ask me how to do english homework topic 10, i said i only know how to do 2 out of 15, then i gave him, he said he know how to do topic 4 which is on "riddles", i been looking for the answer very long, he said he got a from Martin, then i copied, then JinFang called, she said she got a new email ler, want to give me, but she scare i dun understand what she will be saying so she smsed her email to me, i added her, den, now, ARGG, i feel sooo sian, omg, i relised i have type so much. ok, this post is like, so dead, so boring,...
Tuesday, June 3, 2008
  Another quiz..
Its just another quiz, wonder why nowdays got so many quiz appearing..

1) At what age do you wish to get marry?
Erm, maybe when Im ready.. hahas. lame answer.

2) Who is more important to you? Friends or boyfriend?
Friends, as I dont have any boyfriend now..

3) Who is the person you trust most?
My Mother. =D

4) Do you think you have enough confidence?
Err, Yes..! =))

5) If you can have a dream to come true, what would it be?
Anything that is great..

6) Do you believe in seeing a rainbow after the rain?
Of cuz! its true isnt it? i seen it many times ler..

7) Do you stead before?

8) Do you believe in eternity love?
Err, kind of..

9) Have you broken someone's heart that she/he tried to commit suicide?
Straight foreward question lor.. No.

10) Have someone confess to you before?

11) Which place have all your wonderful memories?
All the place that i have been to!

12) Do you love a boy very deep before ?

13) Would you could choose, would you want to be dead or alive?
I want to be alive. Be positive kies!

14) How would you want your stead to propose to you?

15) Do you kiss someone before?
Do parents count?

16) Who cares for you the most?
I dont know, some people care does not mean they care by action.. So i dont know.

17) If lets say you now is in a relationship , how short & how long will it be?
Short maybe .. 1 months bahx. Long maybe ... erm, not sure, depens.

18) Have you hold hand with boys before?
Erm, of cuz?

19) IF time were to rewind, when will you want it to be?
Back to Primary 6..

20) Do you love yourself?
Yes!. Again, be positive! ^^

Instructions : Remove one question from above and add in your personal question. Make a total of 20 questions and tag 8 people. List them out at the end of the post. Notify them in their cbox that they've been tagged. Whoever does the tag will have blessings from all. :D

I was being tagged by XiaoQin =))

Anyone who want to do this just do it. Im lazy to list out name ler. Anyway I also dont who to call ler..=))
Monday, June 2, 2008
  Narnia is nice!!
Today went to watch movie with Zoey, Esther and KitYarn. Watched "THE CHRONICLES OF NARNIA: PRINCE CASPIAN" Very very nice.. spend $6 to watch.. at first when go in i thought aiya, Narnia not nice bahx.. like boring boring like that, fight here fight there only.. but it turn out to be nice!.. waah. use $6 to watch is totally too worth.. it really worth it a lot.. 真的很好看! you all should go and watch it..

After that went to ComicConnection. Then Esther say she and KitYarn will shop in that shop very long, so call me and Zoey to go and shop our things first.. so we came out of the shop and saw ActionCity. So, go lor. whe in and shop shop shop.. then saw got small & nice card. Sms that guy and ask if he still want to give the girl the card. He say anything so i brought a "happy birthday" de. Then check my handphone see whether if anyone birthday is coming. The nearest one is JinFang which is on 7July. So, i decided to buy a present for her as i scare during that time maybe no time to go and buy present.. brought a present and a card then Zoey say she also need to find a present but she dont know what to buy. So she called the girl, she say sah want things about cat. so we look look but cannot find anything bout cat in ActionCity. Then went to next door which is MiniToons. but also not so much things on cat.

Then decieded to go to KiddyPalace to try our luck. Instead of finding what we want, i saw what LiuQing korkor brought for me on my birthday.. omg.. the solf toy rabbit.. costed $18+.. Normaly if i buy a present, it will not exceed $15.. So, thats mean if his birthday come.. wakaka.. i must start saving ler.. hahas. jkjk.

At that time Esther sms-ed me. she say "wanna play hide and seek in cwp? you hide we seek" hahahas, so i agree. Me and Zoey hide hide hide, Esther and KitYarn seek seek seek. During that periode of time, Zoey finally found a present cost $16+.. a very cute de cat solf toy.. Then after that, haha, went home lor.

So, my day ended like that, tomorrow still got ErHu practice. 6hours sitting over there pull pull pull. Hope that worth it. It will worth it!.. nvm..
Sunday, June 1, 2008
  i wanna change!
I wanna change my blog skin!!
Im sick and tired of my skin now..
But whenever i change, i would spend lots of time to find a suitable skin for me, until i found one, i will face problem when changing. Or i would get a lazy mood to change.. i just wouldnt able to complete my work.. haix.

Jocelyn Tee

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