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Sunday, June 8, 2008
  happy birthday charlene !!

Althought today is not yet Charlene's birthday, just wishing her first.. when to her mini party, i should call? Me & Esther met early in the morning and process to her house by 901. Met Charlene, Margaret and some of her frenz. Ate the food prepared by her Mum, it was delicious ! After that some of us watched TV, played Com, played Audi. No group game?? haix.. then charlene said why dont we go to the playground? Den we ok lar.

We played some swing den when to the physical park, ahahahas, got one thing soo nice to play lor, some of us fall till veri ugly xD. Play play play. i suggest me and Esther go for a run. cuz we are wearing normal shirts, a bit hard to run, we took off our shoes and ran.. Ahhh . Toes soooooooo pain !! Plus the floor sooooooo hard & hot ! haix.. Den after that we head back to e swing. Swing till very long. took some picture as well.

Margaret, ur posing is ok.. but, bcuz of Esther, i think vomiting over there, the picture is ruin.

When to brought some cold drinks too..

Then relised something interesting. hehe. waa.. its a performing place i think. e things bething so nice. so cool

Then after that went back and cut cake. hehe.. and played X-box.. keep on losing to CHarlene ! but gt won a few games.

Argg.. rushing to off com ler..

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