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Wednesday, October 29, 2008
LOL .. si gu came yesterday ..
o.o .. haha, nowdays keep on going each others house ..

Watched HSM3 .Everything was better than 1 & 2 .. But the feelin is just not there lehx .
In conclusion, it wasnt that great ..

Sian lar, got CO tomorrow .. ended later, but of cuz start later lar =x
Tuesday, October 28, 2008
Last night dinner even 四姑,二叔,小姑 and their whole family came too .

This morning had to wake up early again ..
to go for the P6 orientation and CO practice .
But who knows, Plan CHANGE ..
aww . we end up waiting for our practice to start, outside the classroom, cuz the door is locked -.-
By that time only 8.30am .. Practice end at 1pm .
Wa, think ler jiu sian .
Saw Haoming and companies walking around block D fourth floor .

I keep on dc from audition lor . Either I use my account, my previous account, my sister account, my cousins account, my friends account . bla bla
All dced lor .
Then finally I use QingHuang's account, wa , safe account man .. wont dc de .

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Sheena ; Diana Sonia#3 ?? hahas .
Serene ; LOVE serene =}
Sonia ; 认老吧 .. hahas . 大我不到一天的老人 =P
Charlene ; Thanks !
Sheena ; NeverMinds
Benjamin ; o.o didnt know you read my blog de .. want present arhx, see my mood lor =x
Shermain ; =D
Monday, October 27, 2008
You have to accept youself if you want others to accept you

EEE ..
Rebbecca change her AV duty time to Sunday morning mass due to family problem .
Means only left me and that that .. LOL suddenly forgot his name . =x

小姑 and family came yesterday ..
&& today going to 三姑's house for dinner ..

Benjamin's birthday coming liao, must get him a present ehx ? Maybe .. probably
Sunday, October 26, 2008
If you want others to forgive you, you have to forgive them too

Tired day nehx ..
One more month and camp coming liao . o.o
Teacher talk about the unforgiven servant during cat class ..
&& we are suppose to make the sound effects ..
hahas . sound so funny .
After class rush back home for dinner and then rush back to church again .
for the "IT" thinggi .
Sian, I was alone .. sad sad .
There was a part where we can take card about our friend,
But don't know why my leg stuck lehx, don't want go take =x
Crystal took a card for me and it stated "Calm"
HEHs .
Ended at 10pm++ ..
Longer than I though lor ..
Then Calvin told me he actually want to take one card for me just now .
But one person only can take three lehx, how possible he will take for me . ?
But he say we same school same class so want take for me .. LOL
Hmmmmm ?
hahs . didnt believe him somehow ..

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Barney ; o.o
Juliana ; Hellooo thanks !
Sheena ; I said almost 'Everyday' , are we going to go out everyday ?? -.-
Diana ; o.O Thanks for the tag =)
Jinfang ; Tagged yours ler .. :}
Sheena ; Errr .. one is Evergreen Pri Sch .. Another one , I don't know which school is it . =x
Sonia ; err ? Sonia you very 'outdated' hor ? HAHs . So last time de thing you now then ask . Sonia#2 is Sheena
Enid ; thanks !
Friday, October 24, 2008
Audition-ed !
Played with also Esther&&Charlene
&& also Korkor .. 1round nia
Somemore play with korkor is BBoy8 .. -.-
While both of us is 8 key de 白痴 ..
Then zero point all the way lor ..
Esther&&Charlene 看中我的弱点, keep on playing 8 key or got 8 key de game !
hahas ..
But nvm, I still gt my 4 key help ..
Back to school today .

Yesterday night then decide to go back school today .
For the Primary 6 orientation .
must wait up early then school day ..
Reach school at 6.45am .
Go up music room,
rehearsal over and over again .
Played the song "金蛇狂舞"
But the beat was so fast lar !
Seniors they all play until very fast ..
Total got 6 groups today ..
Means must play 6 times .
Next Tuesday more group, 8 groups .
Everyone keep on eating sweets inside,
The sweets are actually meant for the P6 who got the answer correct for the quiz .
& teacher say each of us only can take one,
But after she gone we all keep on taking .
Now the thing over liao but the song keep on coming out from my mind man . Aww .

Came back home on computer .
WaKao . Got problem with the shitty computer lar .
Suuperr laggy lor .
Open 1 window internet explorer also took 10 MIN lar
Siao ehx .
So I use PSP to online lor .
Now try again then can .
Thursday, October 23, 2008
Currently Im redownloading AUDITION !!

Im super bored .. so decided to play audition ..
Please join me too ! =))
Wednesday, October 22, 2008
Eyesight is really falling on me

Dropped my class position compared to mid-year results .
Guess I really disappointed my parents ?

Had our spring cleaning after recess .
Seriously don't like spring cleaning at all .
Miss Yong started giving out report books after that .
Its one to one .
The first word she told me is "Well done"
But then she started nagging off about the Geography and History .
Now I really started to regret for not studying hard enough for my Geography when she told me "I though your Geography is quite good?"

CauseWayPointed with some girls .
Lunchie at PizzHut ..
My bag is heavy lar ..
Due to Kor de present . But luckily he took it from me when Im eating . With the accompany of Sophia .
&& of cause I reminded him the birthday of me and some friends before letting them go . =X
Drink mushroom soup .. I got the least mushroom while Diana gt the most .
Then Diana nvr eat mushroom d lar . & I DO eat mushroom in mushroom soup de . !
That waitress pian xin lar .
HAHs ..
Ate sibei a lot grated cheese while waiting for the others.
Some girls started to spout things ..
Aww ..
I tried to find "Eclipse" in popular and Sheena tried to find "P.S I Love You"
But both books were out of stocks .. && I found Kor there instead of the book I wanted .
Asked Diana to help me get the book from malaysia .. Hope can .
Played a while in KiddyPalace .. LOL
Then bla bla bla ..
Bla bla bla
Bla bla bla

Holidays start ..
This is the ever first time I felt that this holidays is gonna be boring ..
It would not be like last time,
Where we go out almost everyday .
Its going to be a long and boring one man .
Tuesday, October 21, 2008
KiSiao liao ?

HAHs .
Some girls were super HIGH this morning .
Esp SONIA , in the Home econ room ..

After recess went for the .. exam to HCL ..
With Shermain and Sonia and JieYi
And the are testing on Composition and comprehension .
AWW . I didn't even study for it lar ..
We were over there Arh arh arh ???
But MaLaoShi say till like it would very easy de, don't know de word don't write can ler ..
But we didn't even have our dic with us lar ..
I will definitely fail the composition without my dic ..
Then we all say must let each other copy .
During the composition, I was trying to write something related to 抽烟 ..
The thing is that I don't know how to write the main word "抽烟"!
Aw . !
I wrote on another paper in English and intended to ask Sonia,
Who knows she ignored me man !
LOL ..
After the test came out, everyone was like, coming out of a meditation room man !
HAHs .. ! everyone so quiet ..
Not high anymore.

there is going to have odd number of girls ..
&& Sonia be the one ..
She don't mind being the odd one,
But she MIND sitting behind the teachers .. LOL !
I sat with Shermain .. LOL, she was having a picnic somehow ..
Got food got sweets and i think drink inside her bag too.
Listened to song all the way .

Reached ..
Gonna solve a mystery case ..
Quite sian somehow ..
but the end is getting better ..
Me and Sonia keep on searching for the auto open door button whenever there is a door ..
And snatch for it .. LOL ..
The atmosphere is better ... NICER after tat

ended at 3.30 ..
And off we go back .
so is the f.u.n ...

Sonia rushed through the crowd so that she can get on the bus first ..
& she manage to get the back sit while me and Shermain sitting in front of her .
then Sonia shouted "YEAA .. I'm the furthest away from the chers !"
LOL lar .. she chionged is cuz she don't want to sit near chers .. HAHs
Throughout the journey back is super HIGH lar .
ok lar, me too actually ..

My thigh became soooooososo pain suddenly, just right after we alighted the bus ..
even have problem walking .
Aww !
Its driving me crazy !
Why the heck Twilight is only coming out in Dec !
Cant wait liao lar .. Must as well kill me .
Monday, October 20, 2008
Tag by QianHui .

1. Do you have secrets?
MILLION of them

2. Would you fall in love with a boy older than you?
Huh ? Why not ? isn't it common ?

3. Do you enjoy going to school?
Kinda . Depends bahx .

4. What would you do if you got a billion dollars?
Shh . I wouldn't tell anyone. =x hahas, JKJK .
erm, donate some to church .. save most of it .. Spent less of it .

5. Would you fall in love with your best friend's stead?
I don't know .

6. If you have to choose one person between your boyfriend & best friend, who will you choose?
In the first place, what kind of situation am I choosing them over for ?

7. List out your 15 favorite songs.
Aww . Lazy lazy ..

8. If the person you secretly like is already attached, what would you do?
Probably keep it to myself & do nothing ?

9. Is there anything that has made you extremely happy?
I'm easily satisfied , as long as you don't make my moody , I'll be happy enough .

10. What makes you angry?
Although I'm easily happy , but I'm damn easy to get angry . I can get angry over a simple small thing . hahas, but my anger is very soon subsided .

11. How would you see your self in 10 years time?
By that time , 23 , o.O . Like that lor, things can change .

12. Who is currently the most important people to you?
Wa , a lot lehx . Lazy to list out .. Everyone ?

13. What is the most important thing in life?
Everything . (okay, you can say I'm greedy=x)

14. What is more important? Family or Career?
Both ..

15. What is your favorite colour?
Err, white ?

16. Would you give all in a relationship?
Depends ..

17. If you fall in love with two people simultaneously, who would you pick?
The one I love more .

18. Would you forgive and forget no matter how horrible a thing that someone done?
I will try to forgive, but of cause not to forget .

19. What would you want to tell the someone you like?
Till I have the "someone" then I will know ..

20. 5 people I have tagged :
_____ , _____, _____ , _____ , _____
LOL ..
"IT" coming ler ..
Don't know what will it be about ..
They keep on 转弯抹角, don't want let us know .
Think Fr Terence is hosting it ..
Cause in the Mass he said something like he will be there.

MaLaoShi want me and Margaret to take don't what exam tomorrow .
For going to 高级华文 ..
I don't even know I want go or not.
hahas, see if I can pass first .

Cant wait for Christmas lar,
I made Mummy to promise to buy me "Breaking dawn" for Christmas present . =x
At first I wanna her to buy me "Eclipse" de .
But by now I already gonna read finish "NewMoon" ..
I don't have the patient to wait till Christmas ..
So asked her buy the 4th book instead ..

Im gonna buy "Eclipse" the next few days !
But somehow Im lazy to go buy ..

AhMa coming my house next week ..
Papa want bring AhMa to Sakura .
Super happy lar me =x

Aww .. Birthday period is back again ..
Gonna prepare present ..
Sunday, October 19, 2008
As usual .. Duty . .

I 故意故意 go late late cuz , I dont want to setup the mic and those thinggi ? LOL
But I guess Im still somehow early .
Stuck with the door .. I go turn and struggled .
& kao, I realised I was so "gonggong" man, I forgot I was suppose to turn the knob below but not above .
Ok, den I manage to open
Behind the door was Father Terence , coming out.
Aw, I 吓到 .
Fr Terence saw me and the first word came out of him is "Boo!"
HAHs .. I was, oh, Fr Terence .
LOL lar ..
Nothing went wrong den.
&& Louis Gan was like saying his last word, like he was going anywhere ..
HAH ..

Right now was like,
Looking at the Adam's "opinionS " on my blog ??
alright, AT LEAST he did say nice things about this blog ..

Finally Edward, EDWARD is back into the book again ..

DIANA , SHEENA ; LOL ... ! 2 vs 1 sia ! yea lar yea lar .. I gonggong de .. x)
ADAM ; At least it didnt curse someone to dead yet .
Saturday, October 18, 2008
so so so
u mean DGrayMan is not end yet ?!

super boring. watching SkyOfLove TVDrama version ..
still like the movie more though the story line is the same .
but the guy in th movie is more 顺眼den the guy in tv.

Aww, I felt so sinful now .
But I dun dare to go for confession .
Cuz now only left FrTerence I think.
So afraid to confess to Father with FrTerence around.


Adam ; Helloo, THANKS =)
Haoming ; really what .. ahahas
Enid ; =D
Baoxian ; thanks !
Diana ; =x HAHs . aww .. so many mistake !
Aww ..
I serioously don't want to go for my class today .
Still remember last week class, I was the one who said the closing prayer ..
&& I was stuck ! I was staring at the whole class ..
Aw, that was so paisey man ..
Luckily aunty Monica save me by continuing my prayer . woot ..

&& I was feelin a bit sick now .. slight flu .
Please !
I don't want to be sick on the inter-class game day ! =(
Adam ; Okies C:
XiaoQin ; THANKS !
Bernice ; Really ?? Ohmygosh. Ahh, hope there isnt any interview then , ahahas , GoodLucks to you too ! Thanks for telling anyway .
Sheena ; I see I see ..
Diana ; THANKS !
LimMin ; TkCares too`!
EnMin ; No problem, relinked !
Zoey ; Hello =) But Im not a chiobu .
Its gonna be a long day .

Wake up 6.30am .. slack slack a bit before getting ready .
About 7.05am den I go out .. ahahs . (We are suppose to meet at 7am by the way).
Bought a 包 at 834 before reaching.
To my surprise, I saw JinFangJazmondMargaret there ler. woot.
They said JinFang ask Jazmond to come early early, indeed he came very early.
Jazmond bought one basketball&volleyball while I bought one volleyball.
Ate my breakfast before playing.
Calvin then came. LOL, he bought one basketball
Then KaiHong came, he also bought one basketball. Ahahs.
Followed by BanjaminJinHao, think they bought one basketball, or maybe two? not so sure.
There were so many bangala there lar.
Benjamin even bought breakfast for Calvin . LOL
And he was spreading the margarine on the pancake there.
We practiced, played, practiced, played.
HaoMing then came, he bought another basketball. LOL
Me&JinFang decided to buy some drinks at 888.
Asked them what they want, Benjamin say he want 100plus 1.5L de ..
Both of us jogged there.
&& there was a looong queue when buying Benjamin's drink.
Nvm ..
Came back with drinks and chocolate and sweet.
Sonia reached ler then. The last person. by the time already about 8.50am ler bahx.
Total got 10person; SoniaMeMargaretJinFangCalvinJazmondHaoMingJinHaoBenjaminKaiHong.
(According to index number de kies)
&& with about 7 balls in total.
Practiced .. Practiced .. Practiced ..
Then suddenly some of us go buy drinks again .
&& we took a long time, on the way saw a lot a lot Sonia's 同伴 .. x)
By the time we came back, Benjamin they all go ler.
Left the girls haoming and jazmond.
Cause its very hot so we go under block to play.
Play and practiced again .
by about 10.45, JinFang go home, HaoMing go class, Margaret go back ler.
Now left three person only, so we went to the car park to wash balls.
Need put 20cents.
The water super strong lar.
My hand is totally wet.
Den we go court .. Practiced Volleyball with Sonia while waiting for Jazmond to bring his friend come.
Once his friend came we played volleyball, & I just forget what sonia had taught me ...
Aw.. me arhx me.
Went home about 11.30am .
Suddenly don't feel like going for class at all . haix .
Its been a long time since I excise till so tongkuai.
Friday, October 17, 2008
P.E ... Ran 3 rounds around the school . o.O
Chinese was DAMN boring.
Watched sunwukong de animated movie.
But I was reading book.
some 1 achieve pupils came.
Den Farhan came in and pass me the consent form .
陈老师ask me to start giving out the form.
I went to Malay class find Ayu with Yiying.
LOL lar.
I tell the teacher "Ayu" she heard till "Kayu" ..
Own self de pupils also dunno izzit.
In the class only got one Ayu,
Even if I really say till "Kayu" , use mind also know that estimate is "Ayu" liao wad.

Went court play netball ..
With JinFangShermainSheenaHaoMingJazmondJeremyJeff (I think is call Jeff bahx.)

Hana Kimi SPECIAL !
Wonder what is it about . =)
Dont sms or call my HandPhone for the next 2 days ..
My Hp will be in Malaysia (but not me).
Unless you wanna pay extra money then go ahead bahx .
Thursday, October 16, 2008
Tags reply :

Diana ; Thanks mei !
cas ; HAHs , sure =)
Sheena ; LOL . Welcome welcome !
SiHui ; I will, you too ;D
jinhao ; Thanks ! C:
emily ; ya lor, not as present =( Breaking Dawn ! got a feelin it wouldnt be a present too =(
Janice ; Janice ! thanks ! =)
Jocelyn's angel ; errs, errs ? LOL ! thanks ?
vivan ; relinked ler ! x)
Boring day ?

Class-T is finally going to be printing . AT LAST
Throughout out the whole day was just watching movies, talking, playing.
But I super . . . de okies, I over there reading..
Until a "Caring" teacher (that's what she called herself) came in and interrupt me .
I can read so many pages just from the lesson she came in . Haix .
She was so emotional man ..
But luckily I was save from Syafiqah . HAHs . Thanks !
MaLaoShi said I did good for my Chinese but asked how was my other subjects.
HAHs . I know whats she was thinking .
Inter Class Game begin after school .
Sonia Bought a FBT short. But she said she don't want to be odd so wanna buy a new PE short .
But the thing is she dunno her size . LOL
I asked her to ask the bookshop auntie "I what size arhx?"
I think she sian diao . But in the end that sentence work lor ! HA
We practice outside the D&T workshop with HaoMing Jazmond YiyingLaoopoo and her friend .
& Adam was there, wanting me to join volleyball ! LOL
I'm such a 白痴in sport and yet .
I didn't intend to join, even if I want, my parents wont allow too .
But the game is postpone due to the raining weather .
we stayed back to play awhile.
In the rain.
Me and JinFang played first, cause Sheena and Shermain, hmm, don't want to play in the rain .
Before I go, Adam say, "玩好好 k, I'm watching" something like that.
I can sense 10 eyes looking at our direction . LOL
I was begging JinFang not to play volleyball right now .

Papa keep on naggin on me ..
want me to go memorise my nicene creed ..

Edward leave Bella ??
OhMyGosh ..
That's was a heartbroken news .
Wednesday, October 15, 2008
Super 满意with my chemistry mark.
Super 不满意with my biology mark.
One pulled my science marks up one pulled my science marks down.
But nevermind, Im easy to be satisfied, passed 就可以了 =)

Overall, all the subjects passed.
But marks will change in the report books.

Aww. Im totally being addicted to TWILIGHT.
Even Serene also brought the book. Hahas
A few more chapter and I'll be moving to NewMoon. Hehes

Inter-class game tomorrow le.
Im scared that I will pull my team down.
Still wondering should I change into defended instead of a shooter.
Goodlucks to .. 1ITG then ..

They are that kind of dream family I yearn
So mystery . special ability . secretive . inhumanly beautiful . perfect in everything .
Who held a big secret within them ..

But of cause thats almost impossible to exist .
Tuesday, October 14, 2008
Quite satisfied with my marks.
Actually got a lots of things to write of ..
But suddenly my mind went blank .
Saturday, October 11, 2008
Hellooo !!
Manage to memorise half of "The Niece Creed" ler
But Cher added something more .. !
aiyo seh

Watch the movie "Quill" .
the puppy sooo cute lar.
But sad ending lor ..
sad sad ..

HEHEs ..
The "twilight" book is always opened lar ..
I close , ErJie open, She close , I open . =x
Decided to buy the whole series ..
Cuz its nice !
Friday, October 10, 2008
Although exams are over ..
But I still need to memorise "The Nicene Creed"
It looks looooong to me ..
Right now I only can remembered the first paragraph ..
Thursday, October 9, 2008

Went to Suntect with my 晚辈 (LOL) Esther&&Shermain
A lot people asked go there for what, I also don't know .. =x
Had our lunch at Roma's Deli
Recommended by Shermain
Thats a great restaurant lar !

I brought my TWILIGHT !!
Went in the shop, look through
the whole shop but to no valid .
When moving out ,
Saw the books is just right beside the entrance lar !
hahas, I cock eye de.

Walked around,
Shermain help her sis buy hairband ..
Esther went CRAZY when she enter the shop "Otaku house"
I brought Korkor de birthday present ler ..
Brought a Tic Tac Toe board made of frosted crystal for him ..
quite nice.
hahas, the price isnt as ex as the present he brought me .. =p

Continued to walked on ..
Tags reply

QianHui ; thanks !`
Serene ; No lar . you den chiobuu .. =))
BaoXian,Zoey ; Linked you ler =D
Fyqa,JinHao,SiHui,XiaoQin,YuYing ; THANKS ~!

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