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Monday, March 31, 2008
  sick..TT. but thx.
I'm feeling so unwell this morning after my p.e. lesson. We were ask to run around the BIG neighbourhood 2 times. i was running like death is just right behind me. just kidding. i was running with Esther. my ear was damn pain and the part behind my ear was also killing me. when i reach the finish line, i saw a lot of people would there le. omg lor, i tot i run like hell but still so behind? but when i ask y they so fast they say they only run 1 round. wakaka, i feel so proud? no lar. Right after p.e. lesson, there is a Math Class Test. GOSH. fail fail fail. i was sooooooo blurr to do anything. each question i can stare at it for 5 min before i started writing. In the end i end up lifting 1 question blank. T.T. die le die le.
i was feeling so dead so i decided to go home. i told Sonia to accompany me to the office. End up
The 4 of they accompany. i was so lucky to have them as a friend? YES. i really like to thanks them a lot. Especially Sonia and Esther for helping me to take my bag and my books.
And thanks serene for sms me if I'm well or not.
LOL!! Why you all come and say sorry to me?!?!?!
i said le, dun wild guess.. lol.. you all make me like i'm a wicked witch like that. T.T. hahas.
Friday, March 28, 2008
It has been a long time since my last post. Maybe its because i do not want to cover the picture of 'Sky Of Love' ? think so, haha. Nowadays things is like freaking out of me. I realised that most of my classmate have problem. Some of the girls have been saying that our class boys is damn weird but they own self too, is irritating to me. Almost of my female classmate is super show off.. Got one keep on saying herself pretty, sum might say yes..? But of cause sum might say no..
Another one will keep on comparing my marks of every test with her results. each time i had a better result, she would say "not fair ! you got higher marks than me !" or if i get lower den her, she would say "see, i got higher than you" . what was on my mind was that, so what if you got higher than me? so what if i got lower than you? is it a life and death matter? NO. Do you think i really care how much u got higher or lower? Its ok to compare marks, but do you know you have said a lot things that hurt people a lot? .
Another one was like she was treating me like a transparent human. i was right in front of her and yet she only help another friend and not me. aren't I'm also your friend? And do you know your attitude suck a lot? I am a real human standing right in front of your bloody eye, why cant you just see me. -.-
There was also one more girl, i don't really know about her, but heard from most of my classmate, she suck a lot. peoples say she was a really realistic person. who ever does a project well, she will stick to her.
*This is just my opinion, please do not think that this few girls might just be you or someone around you that i know. Please take note too that, i did not really type out the name.
Monday, March 10, 2008
  muz watch !!


hahahas. its a nice movie.. REALLY.

so sad in the end. BUT i ended up lunghing 4 the whole ending without knowing why. ><

reallyreallyreally nice movie. the guy so shuai lor, so cool lor, so omg lor, even e name call 'hiro' oso sound so nice lor, ahahahas. ><

Friday, March 7, 2008
  sport day

WHOO..~!! so high today. today sport day. i belong to Orange!! hahas. somemore i'm the Cheer Leader. orange house this year gotten 3rd for this year. althought its not champion, as long as everyone has enjoyed themselve and tats a champion in our heart. hahahas. we got the best music (to me) of them cheering made by our own. fresh made. hahahas. everyone was so tired and phew after e sport day. cuz everyday stay back till 6.30pm den go home.


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