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Tuesday, April 28, 2009
The LBP is just a guess made by someone =) hope it wont happen =) thanks .

HappyBirthday Emily =)
Just some random pictures .
Monday, April 27, 2009
Low Blood Pressure ?

Same thing happened again. First time in front of the AV members. Louis says must be LBP luh .. Still no one knows cause I'm lazy to go see doctor =)
Wednesday, April 22, 2009


News spread..
Finally all the hard work is paid off.
Stay back everyday till 6pm.
Woke up early for practices even on Tuesday.
Come back to school on Saturday.
Being scolded by instructor.
Extra practices.
Skipped classes.
ErHu individual Test in front of everyone every practices.
No lunch.
Pressure from school teachers.
Ruch homework every night.
Since last year, for more than 5 months.
We suffered like hell.
Now, we are proud to say that we got Gold with Honours for 2009 SYF .
Starting with a day of hair styling and make-up-ing. Damn hard lar our hair !
Practices in hall, lend charline my songxiang .. and SaiJie broke it ! LOLs . one songxiang cost $10 ..
Next have our lunch den blablabla.
Reach SCH by 1pm+
Tune this play that in the tuning room. 0.0
by 3 pm+, its our turn !
Jasmine was standing in front of me before it start. She was SOOOOO nervous luh . Everyone was trying to calm her down. She kept turning and telling me to ... Must sway ! Must sway !
I was like, OKOK !
ZhangLaoShi dress till so formal lar. Then it was our turn to go in .
Damn, I only can tell myself 'God is with us . God is with us . Please bless us with good results God !'
After played finish and gone out. Everyone was like, 'aiya, silver de lar'
Went in and view other schools. Until 6.30pm then is the result.
EverGreen Secondary School, Rong Yu Jin, Gold With Honours.
Of cuz, the hall were full our our scream and flowing tears.
GWH you know? GWH you know? Its the secondary first syf competition and we got GWH ! =D
Tuesday, April 21, 2009
This is the ever first time in my life that I have actually regretted for not bringing back my erhu home ! ><
Today is the last day . I'll be free . I bet I'll be nervous tomorrow that my hand will be shaking . This will make my sound 'XU' but it is also a form of helping me to ROUXUAN ehx ? HAHs .

(From BaoXian's Blog)
SYF for 21th April 2009

Temasek - G.W.H
Nanyang girls - G.W.H
Raffles girls - Gold
Mayflower - Gold
Marsiling - Gold
Nan hua high - Gold
Yuying - Gold
Victoria - Gold
Fu Hua - Gold
Christ Church - Silver
Presbyterian high - Silver
Siling sec - Silver
Northland - Silver
Maris Stella - Silver
Raffles Insitution - Silver
Bukit Batok - Silver
Tech Whye - Bronze
Changkat - Bronze
Changi - Bronze
North view - Bronze

SYF for 20th April 2009

Boonlay Sec - Silver
ACS (barker) - Gold
Rivervally - Gold
CHIJ Katong - Silver
Swiss cottage - Gold
Bedok South - Silver
Bukit Panjang Government High - Silver
Jurongvile sec - Bronze
Coral sec - Silver
Manjustri sec - Silver
Anglican high - Gold
Siglap sec - Bronze
Holy innocent - Bronze
Pasir ris - G.W.H
Eastview - Silver
Serangoon - Silver
Greendale - Silver

What will we get ??

Sunday, April 19, 2009
Where those years have gone

Guess it is coming. Your turn, their turn then our turn.
Gonna perform during assemble. Its the first time the song will be perform. Luckily CO tee is coming on monday means we do not need to wear costume when we perform. HeHes
Wednesday, April 15, 2009
Run With Me
1 More Damn Week !
Been waiting for the bloody day to come since last year. After all the practices this week, it is not a can to take G or Gw/H. Its a MUST. If not a lot of teachers will hate us. However, things doesn't look good, a lot of problems we are facing now. Everyday Conductor is saying that be ready to get bronze or silver. Conductor even cant fall asleep or eat because of us. Not even on his birthday. We are the root of the problems.
New costume arrived. Before that, it was a purple long dress costume, we looked like an ancient chinese ghost lady. NOw, it is black and white, we looked like a 80s' chinese girl who wore school uniform to school. Oh Man ..
Monday, April 13, 2009
The Mouse Trap
My hands are shaking ! ;) Had individual erhu test by Conductor. Even Senior's hands are shaking too. The music came out to be ... weird.
Its been long since I do not need to wake up hearing the alarm ringing ! =) Since the starting of this year, I had not been sleeping pass 8am. Not even weekends. Had to hear the weird ringing of the alarm. Finally, yesterday I do not need to ! Cause don't have cat class x)
So shiok ..
Tomorrow is Conductor's birthday . LOLs . Also, our new costume is arriving tomorrow !
Look forward to it.
Friday, April 10, 2009
Watch We Got Married

Super nice show ! Laugh till you cry like siao.
Its actually about a few celebrities get together. Each couple are to act out the life of newlyweds, but in the new program format they are given a mission each week, such as a housewarming party, couple vacation, meeting the families, etc. and they must pretend like they are really a couple, newlywed . So they need to live together for 8weeks. Some of them are even from popular idol groups example Kim Hyun Joong!

Thursday, April 9, 2009
second offering
Seder Meal is a representation of the Last Supper of our Lord with his apostles, where He instituted the sacrifice of the Eucharist and the priesthood. Taken from some webbie
Yes you are right, I have just went for the Seder meal. Its a compulsory for confirmation 1 and 2 .Reach there early but Rebecca was late ! so end up going in late. What a romantic light settling they have. However the first word I said when I got into the room was 'What the heck'. Regretted for saying that as it seem loud enough to be heard. Sat down and ya, Father Terence was the 'host'. There was Lamb, Unleavened bread, Bitter herbs, Green herbs, Haroseth and wine =D
Wine, sound exciting cause drinks will be served for 4 times during the meal. You can choose either wine or ribena.
The first time, I intend to get wine, but Rebecca actually said 'yes' to the lady taking ribena. After serving Rebecca, I was hesitating when the lady look at me, and due to the she was waiting for my answer, I left no choice to say ok.
The second time, I hesitated more. But still ribena
The third time, I want wine, but still ribena I got.
The fourth time, which is the last time, I can't hold it back anymore ! So I said NO to the ribena and YES to the wine =D
The man said 'How old are you?' While he was pouring the wine into my cup
So I replied '14' without thinking. OmGosh, Why am I so honest ? xD
But the man was just joking with me and said ' Nono, you should say you are 18 =)'
LOLs So shiok =D
FYI, of course teens like my age are allowed to drinks in the meal =) Indeed, we always drink wine in our youth Eucharist but not that large amount .
Wednesday, April 8, 2009
I'm so disappointed with myself today. I'm supposed to stop it but I didn't do anything. I just let it continued. I'm really having that doubt with me now..
Monday, April 6, 2009
Royal games

Mummy and erjie went oversea .. So that means, me and papa have to do the housework ! For papa is like damn easy, know how to cook, wash all the housework. but me,no cca I can, got cca i cannot.
Do mass yesterday, Cold ... on aircon. Then Louis ask me to shield him cuz I wore jacket and he didnt. LOLs !
Sunday, April 5, 2009

Morning practices! Oh My Gosh, sooo many seniors never come due to HMT. The music sound so weird. Afternoon! Went to church and Rebecca was late for 30mins lar =( Waited and waited and Charles scare me when I was taking on the phone. He kidding say Rebecca was at the audi and bring me there where I actually believe him -.- So I waited more. Then saw my pictures pinned on the board =D It was taken at Botanic garden but Charles actually said 'nice pictures taken at bird park'. Birdpark ?! Far too weird to say that. LOLs
Went to Yuying's house. YES, Buddy's house which I haven't gone for long =) Chatted. She haven't change at all okay, still the same old Yuying. 想当年 ... LOLs !
Went to causewaypoint to view SCO performance ! And of cuz, there was XuLaoShi ! See, we so loyal to go see her. JinLaoShi was there too, he even solo one piece wor. Damn nice lar, jazz type.
Saw Esther,Erica,YiYing,BaoXian,QianHui,MeiTing,YongJi there too.
Greeted xulaoshi after the performance, she was so delighted to see us lar ;D
Friday, April 3, 2009
Autumn Ethereal
4th April Saturday 7pm
Heehees, think the photos I shoot is going to be showcase =D
CO practice is fun nowadays. Today is optional but we go for it. Secondary 2 only got come from erhu de. Seniors got Jasmine.HuiXian.Crystal.Melissa.Benjamin.
Its so funny when Melissa and Benjamin took the erhu and starts playing with it when Melissa is from flute and Benjamin is from sheng. My erhu strings was almost going to break when Benjamin do the cracking and squeaking sound plus rouxuan of my erhu and Melissa over there trying to play the part of our song. Went to canteen and saw all the npcc marching, all the familiar faces, can't stop laughing ! Don't know why.
charline! - Hies ! Yea I know you, it sucks ? Hahas, I havent taste the duties yet =)
Sheena!(: - Its nice ! Yea !
calvin - There there, happy now happy now ducky ?
Asri-Calvin - Keeping quiet? Hahahas
Thursday, April 2, 2009

Our Song
Taylor Swift

I was riding shotgun with my hair undone in the front seat of his car
He's got a one-hand feel on the steering wheel
The other on my heart
I look around, turn the radio down
He says baby is something wrong?
I say "Nothing, I was just thinking how we don't have a song"
And he said...

Our song is a slamming screen door,
Sneakin' out late, tapping on your window
When we're on the phone and you talk real slow
Cause it's late and your mama don't know
Our song is the way you laugh
The first date "man, I didn't kiss her, when I should have"
And when I got home... 'fore I said amen
Asking God if He could play it again

I was walking up the front porch steps after everything that day
Had gone all wrong and been trampled on
And lost and thrown away
Got to the hallway, well on my way to my lovin' bed
I almost didn't notice all the roses
And the note that said...

Our song is a slamming screen door,
Sneakin' out late, tapping on your window
When we're on the phone and you talk real slow
Cause it's late and your mama don't know
Our song is the way you laugh
The first date "man, I didn't kiss her, when I should have"
And when I got home... fore' I said amen
Asking God if He could play it again

I've heard every album, listened to the radio
Waiting for something to come along
That was as good as our song...

Cause our song is a slamming screen door
Sneaking out late, tapping on his window
When we're on the phone and he talks real slow
Cause it's late and his mama don't know
Our song is the way he laughs
The first date "man, I didn't kiss him, and I should have"
And when I got home, fore' I said amen
Asking God if He could play it again
Play it again... Oh Yeah

I was riding shotgun with my hair undone
In the front seat of his car
I grabbed a pen and an old napkin
And I wrote down our song
As Loud As A Whisper

20 more days =) Now both 许老师 & 张老师 starting to test us. Which is also called 过山. Passed one part, but still a lot left! HuiShi went a bit hyper today during practice.

Jocelyn Tee

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