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Wednesday, April 30, 2008
  Should I should I should I?
Should I change my blogskin???
Should I Should I Should I?
Just can't make up my mind.
Finally done my D&T !!

Front view
Our group name

Sketch by Esther

Back view
  happy brithday!
Oh ya, havent say :

Happy birthday to Emily!

Emily is my second sister.Which her birhtday is on 28 April.
We went to Ichiban Sushi to celebrate.
Their food was so wakakaka. i just noe that the best food i love is jap food.

Took it Before going out for dinner.

At Ichiban Sushi, I was trying to squeez my face inside the mirror. XD

Sunday, April 27, 2008
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HaHaHas, found this on a website. hmm.. dun ever try to guess hu is e "__________" hehes
Saturday, April 26, 2008
Today got a workshop for all sec 1 to sec 4 done by Father Terence. The workshop was so long. about 4 hours. 2pm to 6pm. I think the main point he wanted to say to us is about Sacrament Reconciliation. There is just one question that, erm, how do i say, a question that is out-standing to me? ya. that is,
What will you do or how will u feel IF your mother is rapped.
We were to talk about it in our group.
After that, some people had to present their answer.
One of them say :
"I'll beat that rapist and kill it as a lesson"
"I'll rap that rapist's mother"
"I'll rap that rapist" ( a guy said that )
"I'll comfort my mother and then let the police to handle the case"
Thats all that I can remember.
Hahahas, thats was so funny.
But Fr. Terence said "You are all a bad catholic arhx. Hahas"
Wednesday, April 23, 2008
  Today. 23-04-08
Peaceful now days??
dun thinks so. After changing some of the classmate place, I tot everything was turning rite, but its getting worst. haix.
Today Chem, argg. tot formula was the harder things, but balance wad wad wad harder. Hope that my brain is 100000GB de lor. But think only 1GB e most.
After that is P.E. Orange house VS Yellow house netball. Ms Gan was totally unfair, yellow house already has so many people inside yet she still help them. I was trying to catch e ball when it fly to me but I accidentally bang into sevester cuz he oso trying to catch. Ouch! My finger so pain lor. Don’t know is because of banging into him or e ball flying towards us. Then the end doesn’t know which house win.
After that everything was 风平浪静.
After school me and Sonia when straight to D&T room to do our left over work. We do do do, den spay spay spay, den stick stick stick. After Spaying, teacher tell us to put the thing under the sun, so me and Sonia 笨笨的, really follow. So we bring it to the "bridge". Don't what so funny we kept on laughing, till my back ache. Unluckily in the end got teacher help us, when we go in only like all small pieces of materials. Then come out one big piece. hahas.

You might not be able to understand what i'm dooing. ahas.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


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Wednesday, April 9, 2008
  itg blog!
Our class finally have a class blog!.
ITG's fellow, feel free to take a look.
The blog's url is kidda fomal. :x
Password world be given to ITG's fellow IF u REQUESTED for it.
Thursday, April 3, 2008
  forget about it!
All right, everyone, FORGET ABOUT THE LAST TOPIC.. i just dont want to talk about it so i wrote it in my blog. Yet all that is related to it or not related to it came to say sorry to me.
Wash Your Brain..
Wash Your Brain..
Wash Your Brain..
Wash Your Brain..
Wash Your Brain..
Wash Your Brain..
Wash Your Brain..
Wash Your Brain..
Wash Your Brain..
Wash Your Brain..
Wash Your Brain..
Wash Your Brain..
Wash Your Brain..
Wash Your Brain..
Great, washed? think so, i added branded washing power inside, couldnt be not washed yet.
Washed your brain.. Everything missing.. whats the last topic? No one can remember.

Jocelyn Tee

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