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Friday, August 8, 2008
National day school celebration today ...
hahas .
HaoMing today sooo high lar ..
tear paper .. spray water .. step feets .. sang songs ..
thought quite funny ..
den till e song 'Home'
HaoMing Dominique Benjamin
When they sang till song they all go shout at me 'home' lar ..
superrr loud ..
They do it again and again ..
my ear like bursting ler ..
Den Sonia say we all also shout back lor .
the next 'home'
all shout at each other ..
very loud ..
next class people keep looking at us ..
think we sot liao
den the rest of the song we over there shouting the last word ..
Even the national anthem ..
Dominique over there zhao xia .. hahas
After e celebrating ..
when everyone leaving the hall ler gt one cher call 4 classes to stay back ..
I tot the cher call us stay back cuz we shouting just now ..
But .. hhas, is cuz gt people throwing paper .. chey
luckily nvr throw till itg ..
if not we oso will throw to others and b in trouble ..

After school went cwp with esther ..
at first say want to go suntect city but i dun wan so nvr go ..
Met Erica and walk tgt ..
Went comicconnection
Go foodcourt ate ..
Saw the guys .. -.-
Erica say CHR aready have their co camp ler..
Shop around a while
Den i go CD shop brought
"残酷舞台" / "Show On Cruel Stage" !!
hehe ..

Go library .. so guai ..
go there blow aircon? ..
Den Erica lend me this comic - "S.A" look nice ..
stay till 1hour den go back ler..
Wait for Esther's mum..
Saw yiying theyy all ..
Den if Im not wrong Adam waved to me ..
But I dunno ..!
Luckily I got nod my head .. hope he saw bahx ..
den jiu went home lehx ..
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