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Wednesday, February 4, 2009
Thanks you !
This year birthday was great =D
ESP the presents ..

Go by order kays ?

JinHao for your present (though I can't really see whats the shape xD)
四姑[Godmother] for your hongbao (you remembered to seperate cny and birthday hongbao ! =D)
HaoMing&Jazmond for your present (soo shock you got the damn right colour ! =})
Calvin for your [1morehour] -.- and birthday greet (rocks on? hahas)
JinHao for your birthday greet (soo kia su? havent reach 12 sent ler . HAHs, JKJK)
Diana for your long long message (Ilooooveeeeit!)
HaoMing for your birthday greet
Sheena for your birthday greet
Fitri for your birthday greet
Vicky for your birthday greet (Soo happy your remembered it ! )
Sonia for your birthday greet (you hor, forward only -.- [ !)
Papa for your HongBao =D
SiHui for your birthday greet
Yuying for your birthday greet
Calvin for your present (WAhahha! sooo full lar ! ehx, 1 carrort not enough lehx xD)
Fitri for your birthday present
Liuqing for forgetting my birthday (EEE, wheres my present ?!? )
Wholefamily + Popo + Aunt + Elizabeth + Victoria for celebrating my birthday !
Shermain for your birthday greet
Serene for your birthday greet
JiaYing for your birthday greet
XiaoQin for your birthday greet
Amos for your birthday present (LOL .. i must really say, why that pattern? Do I look that girlish? ahah)
Sevester for your birthday present ("Can lend Jocelyn ?" nice one -.-)
Hafieqah for your birthday greet
Adam for your birthday greet
Diana&Sheena for your birthday present
JinFang for your birthday present (Iloveit! & I'll remember the price xD)

Thats all I think, I hope I dun miss anyone's out =x
OK I know Im lame but just wanna thanks you all ! =D
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