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Monday, December 15, 2008
11Dec ---
Out with JinFangCalvinJinHaoBenjamin =)
hmmmm, to Bugis .. to catch 'Bolt' .. but the movie too late . And that's too bad =(
But watched 'WildChild' at night .

12Dec ---
With mummy . Maybe I shouldn't read the book first . I made the mistake by reading first so now I find it unsurprising .

13Dec ---
HappyBirthday JinHao =)
Manage to make a deal with ErJie .
That if I pack the room she would watch two episode of DGrayMan .
Kay, I know that's a stupid deal . Instead of me getting the rewards for packing the room, she get it by able to watch anime . But I really want her to watch it .

Cousin came over and so DaJie booked a tennis court in RPpoly .
Played from evening to night .
That's the first time I formally played tennis somehow .
Lucky Cousin is from Tennis cca =)
But me and ErJie keep on using badminton style xD
Its Fun !
Now I love playing tennis !

Came back home and, cooked popcorn =)
Watched 'SkyOfLove' (Again? yea, cuz they haven't watch)
And as expected, they cried =)

14Dec ---
They kind of watched 'Mamamia'
But I watched before ler so watched DGrayMan with ErJie .
Guess what ?!
Archbishop Nicholas Chia is here ! =D
And Im in charge of the AV !
And Father Terence is daaamnnn cute sitting by the side . x)
The sec4 got their comfirmation
Congrats ! =}

15Dec ---
Out with DianaSereneCalvinAmosXingYang .
To .. AMKhub
Catch 'The Day The Earth Stood Still'
Surprisingly its nice .
When going in, Calvin still somemore say "The way to Earth" (cuz the entrance there wrote 'Earth')
HAHs . damn it, Its funny .. somehow , to me.
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