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Saturday, January 26, 2008
  its play time!!
Today yuying, jiaying, Vanessa and liuqing they all go out but i didn't go cause sick. so i decided to go sleep but who know just after 20min theres a phone call, at first i don't really want to care that call, but it really irritate me so i go pick up. "we all now under your block, want come out? then we all play" that's what e yuying say when she call, so shock lor, tot they at cwp but not and are now UNDER MY BLOCK. then i tot they aiya, lying. so don't really care what they say. den suddenly outside the door i heard yuying's voice calling my name, i was like, ok they really are here. so i rush in and change my top. then go out all there. so we started playing games. first we play "block catching", i was the first catcher, ah suay.den after that we stopped at level 9 then we started playing "spider wed". play till toe so pain lor. and got one time tio kill by yuying, den they think think and i say cannot cannot then in the end by punishment is dance stiff chicken dance. hahahahas, i HATE dancing. don't they know its very hard to make me do forfeit? nvm. den after tat play "blind-man". i e pro lor, hahahahahahahas, only be two times, yuying and jiaying be the most. then i got video down when liuqing be e blind-man, cause its like so hard to catch and make him be lor.. den after that we play "a-e-i-o-u" so childish right? no choice, cause only gt 2 teenager there then 3 all haven't birthday yet so counted as children. don't know why I'm always be the one who always laugh lor, den be e ppl. then e one that b the most is liuqing i think? hahahas.. he must treat us all water next time. then after that we all go back le.tot my day today would be boring, but who knows? hahhahahahahs.
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